Kurt Angle contacted 5-Time WWE Champion with a match offer

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Kurt Angle contacted 5-Time WWE Champion with a match offer

Kurt Angle has been one of WWE's top athletes for many years, despite there being serious concerns about his chances of adapting to world-class wrestling. During his amazing career in WWE, the former Olympic gold medalist took part in some matches that have entered the collective imagination, as well as having collected countless awards from colleagues and professionals.

Unfortunately, his adventure did not end as every fan would have liked, also thanks to a series of physical problems that have limited his potential in recent years. During the last edition of 'Ask Kurt Anything' which aired on 'AdFreeShows.com', Angle said he contacted his idol Bret Hart and offered him a match at WrestleMania 18.

Contrary to expectations, 'The Hitman' rejected that proposal without any hesitation.

Kurt Angle on why Bret Hart turned down a big WrestleMania match

“I have personally contacted Bret Hart. I called him and told him I wanted to fight him at WrestleMania, I thought it was a dream match.

I specified that I would take care of promoting the match and everything else, he would only have to do the work in the ring. I remember that he immediately said no. At the beginning, I was a bit disappointed, but then I understood the reason for his decision.

When I arrived in the last phase of my career, I realized that I was losing a step and that my image could be ruined against much younger opponents. It must be the same thing that Bret thought in front of that proposal”- explained Kurt Angle.

“As you begin to age, your movements are slower and you cannot continue performing as you always have. Many athletes are proud and don't want to be made fun of by the critics. Bret knew he couldn't put on the performance people expected of him.

In his best period, he would surely have accepted to fight me”- he added. Angle also confirmed that there were talks for him to face either Sting or Bret Hart at WrestleMania 18, but the plans fell through. "Yeah, there were talks about it.

I heard about it, but I'm not surprised that it didn't occur. You know, they couldn't get Sting to sign that early. You know, Bret Hart, at that particular time, you know, he was still wrestling, I believe. Wasn't he with WCW at the time?" recalled Angle.

Kurt Angle recently called Bret Hart 'the greatest wrestler of all time' and even mentioned his desire to have a 60-minute Ironman match with the 5-time WWE Champion.