Peyton Royce's new ring name after WWE release revealed

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Peyton Royce's new ring name after WWE release revealed

On April 15 2021, WWE announced the release of some wrestlers from the Main Roster. The COVID-19 pandemic has in fact affected some situations also in WWE and for the second consecutive year the company of Vince McMahon has on this date released some of the stars of the company.

Among these, the ex IIconics Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were also 'cut off' with the release of the latter which surprised the WWE Universe quite a bit. WWE initially disbanded the IIconics to launch Royce in a single push but in the end things didn't go well.

Peyton was later finding herself paired with Lacey Evans, but she recently announced she was pregnant and this complicated the company's plans.

Why was Peyton Royce released?

Through the Wrestling Observer Newsletter the well-known colleague Dave Meltzer announced that Peyton Royce, once he returns to fight (after 90 days where he cannot sign for other federations), will call himself as a ring-name with the name Cassie Lee.

Many stars once they leave WWE usually use their first name but this will not be the case for the wrestler. WWE cited budget cuts as the reason for releasing these wrestlers but recently former creative team member Vince Russo said the company was not satisfied with the work done by the wrestler who had also challenged Asuka in the last few years.

In the WWE Universe and in the wrestling world in general, it is suspected that as soon as she can sign up for a new company (around July) Royce will go to All Elite Wrestling by joining the company where her husband Shawn Spears works.

Tony Khan's company could hire some of the athletes who have left WWE in recent weeks with these who could thus rejoin other former stars of the company such as The Big Show and Canadian Chris Jericho. Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Writing With Russo, he explained what might have led to Royce being let go.

''Then all of a sudden she cuts that promo. I don't know how much of that was half-shoot, half-work but it sounded like part of it was half-shoot. Now they put her in the match with Asuka,'' said Russo. Russo further pointed out that Peyton Royce was given the opportunity to face Asuka on RAW, but she did not live up to expectations.

''We're gonna give you the spot. Now those same people are waiting at the monitor waiting for one... as soon as it happens they say to themselves 'That's why you're not in the spot and how dare you question us and how dare you go into business for yourself blah blah blah.' The next thing you know, we're making financial cuts,'' added Russo.