Why WWE is keeping Mansoor's winning streak up

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Why WWE is keeping Mansoor's winning streak up

Among the many talents excluded from the WWE rosters, those fired and those kept on the sidelines for lack of ideas, there is a character who continues to win on the sly, match after match, despite no longer appearing on the NXT rings, much less on those of Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown.

We are talking about the athlete of Saudi origin, Mansoor, already seen in all the Arab events of the WWE, who also won the 50-man Battle Royal that WWE proposed in its 2019 Arab show, Super Showdown, defeating a large part of the federation's roster, to the delight of all the public who flocked to the King Abdullah International Stadium in Jeddah.

Apparently, despite the athlete now appearing only in the Main Event rings, the federation wanted to give him a real streak, which has been going on for weeks and which probably no one has noticed yet.

Mansoor has won 49 matches in a row as of this week

As revealed in the past few hours by the microphones of the Wrestling Observer Newsetter, Mansoor would not miss an on-screen match since August 23, 2019, when he was defeated by Dominik Diajakovic, in a contest in that of an NXT live event.

Since that defeat, Mansoor has only ever won, both in the NXT rings and in the Main event rings, bringing his incredible streak to 45 matches won in a row. As there are no longer any live events that WWE usually staged as it usually did before the pandemic, the number is therefore sensational, especially for a makeshift character like Mansoor, who certainly cannot be considered a main eventer.

As also pointed out by Dave Meltzer in his latest speech, it seems that this streak is a precise line chosen by the WWE to keep the Arabs "good", who at the moment cannot have their live shows. As reported by Meltzer, in fact: "Mansoor's streak of victories, which WWE never refers to, but which has been going on in the Main Event for several weeks and hasn't seen him lose a match since August 23, when he lost to Dominik Dijakovic in Sanford, Florida, it all owes to the fact that the company wants to remain on good terms with Saudi Arabia."

Once again the WWE proves to be a company that winks at different markets, which demand something in return, to keep relations with the McMahons, despite being the number one federation in the world, as regards the discipline of the pro-wrestling.