MVP responds to WWE fan asking him to help...

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MVP responds to WWE fan asking him to help...

Over the past twelve months, MVP has played a very important role within the WWE and especially now on Monday Night Raw. The wrestler co-founded The Hurt Business, what can now be considered as the company's biggest Stable, re-evaluated wrestlers who appeared to be declining, such as Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, and played a pivotal role in helping Bobby Lashley fulfill his dream.

to become WWE Champion. The role of MVP in WWE is not, however, exclusively to help other wrestlers, perhaps in a particular growth path in the partner but instead, a different situation appears.

MVP currently manages WWE Champion Bobby Lashley

In the last few days, MVP has been answering a particular question from fans on their Instagram account.

He asked the wrestler if he could help Keith Lee grow, perhaps using the former NXT champion as a bodyguard or as a member of The Hurt Business. It has been a long time since The Limitless One has stopped in the pits due to injury: there was talk for him of a leading role at Wrestlemania 37, but this stop is longer than expected and has thus ended up curbing the company's expectations of the wrestler.

MVP's response was clear enough, however, as he specified that it is not up to him to help Keith Lee and that he is not considering this wrestler as a new arrival to Hurt Business. Currently one of MVP's priorities is to help WWE Champion Bobby Lashley retain the title he recently won and best defended at Wrestlemania 37.

The Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre, who was defeated in the opening match of the first night of Wrestlemania, will challenge The All Mighty again at Wrestlemania Backlash, the company's next Pay Per View and MVP and Drew McIntyre were the protagonists of a verbal confrontation in the last Monday Night Raw with the latter having suffered an attack from former members of the former Retribution T-Bar and Mace.

Despite the denials of MVP and the lack of officialdom, it seems that these two are the new members of the Hurt Business. One of the main reasons why MVP is not considering helping Keith Lee could be that he is taking care of things for Bobby Lashley.

The All Mighty has been on a roll as WWE Champion and looks set to hold the title for a long time. However, these plans could be thwarted by Drew McIntyre, who has once again emerged as the No.1 Contender for the WWE Championship.