WWE might bring Mark Carrano back because...

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WWE might bring Mark Carrano back because...

On Wednesday and Thursday evening, the treatment reserved for some former talents of the Stamford-based federation, who found their personal effects left at the federation's ThunderDome, in a garbage bag, shared this experience of theirs.

WWE sent them home, after releasing them. After the releases arrived last week, in fact, Mickie James seemed to have uncovered the famous Pandora's box, posting a photo and a video in which she depicted the treatment received by WWE after years of service for the McMahons.

After seeing these images, both several athletes and several members of the WWE Universe literally lashed out at WWE, which thus fired Mark Carrano, former head of WWE talent relations, who then, reportedly, took on all the responsibilities of the case, with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon who also wanted to apologize for what happened with James.

In the last few hours, however, the colleagues of Fightful Select have reported how the face of Mark Carrano, a very important former WWE backstage executive, could soon return to his post, due to the great importance of his role and above all the secrets Carrano knows about WWE.

Mark Carrano is no stranger to controversy

According to what was reported by the journalists of the well-known overseas podcast, Carrano would literally know "where a lot of bodies were buried" and therefore a metaphor to say that Carrano knows a lot of secrets and skeletons in the cabinet of the McMahon-owned federation.

On the occasion of the trash bag scandal, which was also confirmed by other former WWE wrestlers, as well as by James' version, the federation had to find a scapegoat and Carrano was the one chosen. Public opinion wanted a head and Carrano's was the one designated by the WWE to jump, but the fact remains that soon, already in the next few months, the McMahon company can go and summarize in a completely silent way, his ex manager, who would go back to doing what he always did in the backstage of the company, with the rest of the world unaware of everything.

The Talent Relations head was also tasked with contacting talent regarding releases, signings, contract extensions, payroll details, and other critical company-wide mandates. Mark Carrano was an influential figure behind the scenes, but he also made a few on-screen appearances on WWE's programming during his time in the company.

He appeared on six episodes of Season One of Total Divas in segments featuring Natalya and other top female stars. He also showed up in season three of WWE's popular reality TV series, and has appeared in multiple episodes of 'WWE 24' and on the 'A Future WWE: The FCW Story' documentary.