John Cena discusses on his current relationship with Vince McMahon

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John Cena discusses on his current relationship with Vince McMahon
John Cena discusses on his current relationship with Vince McMahon

John Cena represents one of the greatest legends in WWE history. His name has been linked for years to the company of Vince McMahon and although now his appearances in the federation are increasingly sporadic, Cena is linked by a great relationship with all the leaders of the federation of the main wrestling company in history.

In an interview with Bleacher Report's Graham Matthews, the wrestler, who debuted on the main roster back in 2002, clarified his relationship with Vince McMahon by explaining that for him he was not just a simple boss. Here are his words: "Vince McMahon to me is one of the dearest people one can ever imagine.

He is a dear friend, a mentor, I could consider him as a father figure. To me, Vince means a lot. I don't know if I'll ever be able to make it clear to everyone how much I love him and how much Vince means to me."

John Cena appreciates Vince McMahon’s understanding

In recent years, John Cena has practically left the WWE and the world of wrestling to devote himself actively and almost completely to the world of cinema.

Now the Leader of the Chain Gang is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood but despite this, the wrestler explained the thoughts of the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon regarding this choice: "It is gratifying that someone of that level appreciates what you are doing by approaching all my choices with empathy rather than apathy.

I remember that when this choice came up he told me 'This is a great opportunity for you John, you are always part of this family and if you go well, everything will be fine' I always reciprocate his words and I hope WWE thrives and always goes well." There has been talk of John Cena's retirement from wrestling for some time and the Bostonian has not been in WWE since Wrestlemania 36 when he was involved with The Fiend in the Firefly Fun House Match.

Since 2016, John Cena has slowed down his WWE in-ring career and focused on acting instead. His last WWE match, which had a cinematic theme, ended in defeat against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36. Cena revealed that Vince McMahon is supportive of his new career, even though it means he rarely makes WWE appearances.

John Cena also said that he wants Vince McMahon’s company to grow even more. In time, he hopes fans will appreciate that his WWE absence has helped open the door for a new generation of superstars to emerge.

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