Kurt Angle recalls physical altercation with Vince McMahon

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Kurt Angle recalls physical altercation with Vince McMahon

The story of the Plane Ride From Hell is quite well known among wrestling fans all over the world and has found a new popularity in Italy thanks to a famous and well-documented video by Maxisawesome92. In that circumstance, the WWE roster returned to America by plane after a European trip, having an open bar at its disposal in which to stock up on alcohol of all kinds at will.

And unleashing a flood of embarrassing and even very dangerous moments. To come back to talk about it is someone who took part in that flight: Kurt Angle. And the Olympic Hero himself told of the percentage of troubles that did none other than Vince McMahon himself.

In the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the 2017 WWE Hall of Famer talked about the infamous "flight from hell" of 2002. Many stories were told about that plane ride, including the very long wrestling match played in the aisles of the aircraft.

between Angle himself and none other than WWE president and owner Vince McMahon. And good Kurt talked about what really happened on that flight, stating that Vince made a real madness for wanting to fight him.

Kurt Angle says he and Vince McMahon almost caused a catastrophe

"It was the longest night of my life," Kurt Angle said.

“Vince had a few glasses of wine, she was feeling lively and thought, 'Hey, why not? If I'm going to fight someone, why not the best of all? We might as well fight for an Olympic gold medal, I'll try to do it.

' You have to understand that Vince McMahon is the kind of person who would say to Mike Tyson 'Hey, knock me out. Hit me in the face, I want to hear what he's like.' He wants to hear what it's like to challenge the best in the world on their own pitch.

I understand it perfectly, but Vince is crazy." The story then continued making Angle himself deeply uncomfortable: "He was jumping on me or he wanted someone to come to me to tell me that I had to go to the back of the plane to receive a communication.

I got up, and he jumped me. on him from behind. We did it for five hours. I fight for a few minutes, hold him down, ask him, 'Are you okay? He said, 'Yeah, we're good.' again on him. Or he gets someone to call me and he jumps on me again.

It lasted 5 hours and became very irritating." During the podcast, Kurt Angle also recalled how he and Vince McMahon came dangerously close to accidentally opening the plane's door mid-flight. This is what prompted airline staff to intervene, which McMahon didn't take too kindly, according to Angle: "Vince and I are wrestling near the door, the latch? You open the latch and push the door open, you fly out of the plane.

We kept hitting the latch while we were wrestling. So the flight attendant came and said, "Hey! The Pilot says if you don’t sit down and stop he’s going to land this plane right now." And Vince says, "Go tell the Pilot to f*** himself, I’ll buy the f****** plane." I was like, oh my God!"