Drew McIntyre says he's very serious about facing Tyson Fury

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Drew McIntyre says he's very serious about facing Tyson Fury

Over the last few years, WWE has presented its fans with several never-before-seen challenges, also using several well-known personalities from the sports world, who have never been part of a pro-wrestling show. Among the many non-wrestlers used by WWE, we find names of the caliber of Floyd Mayweather Jr, who even beat Big Show in a Wrestlemania match, Tyson Fury, who went to challenge Braun Strowman face to face in an Arab federation show or Cain Velasquez, who entered into a feud with his arch-enemy, Brock Lesnar, but was fired only a few months after his arrival in WWE.

Apparently, as always, when the WWE smells of easy money, it manages to bring all kinds of characters to its rings, from boxers to MMA athletes, to singers, actors and YouTubers. This time, however, to return to talk about one of these characters, in particular the world heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Council, Tyson Fury, it was his fellow countryman from WWE, Drew McIntyre.

In his latest interview, the former WWE Scottish champion of the federation, Drew McIntyre, wanted to reopen a feud that has never ended, with his compatriot from the English part of the United Kingdom, who on several occasions has primed him in the past.

Drew McIntyre describes the Tyson Fury fight as "The Battle of Britain"

Speaking to BBC Headliners, Drew said: "It's very serious. And it makes sense. That's the way it is, I can't create matches on my own...

I can only make sure to suggest something to the fans and see if they like it. But if it makes sense from a business perspective, and I personally think it does, Tyson Fury would be pulled on board right away, I can already tell ...

that if he hits me with his right, I will definitely go down. But I do not care! Until things happen, I'll say everything I can, to get people to talk." Once again, it seems that the former WWE World Champion wants to step into the ring with the famous boxer, who was already a tough opponent.

for McMahon's Monster Among Men and which could become a real impassable mountain for him too. Who knows whether WWE Universe fans who want this challenge will not be satisfied in the next WWE event in Saudi Arabia? During his podcast appearance, Drew McIntyre described his potential future match against Tyson Fury as "The Battle of Britain!" and emphasized he would love to face Fury on home soil in hopes of boosting the local economy, as well as uplifting local fans.

"The Battle of Britain! It’d be mental, it'd be awesome. Just to see two individuals from the UK - you realize, the UK is tiny. It can fit into Texas, one American state, three times! But to get somebody at the top of his field like a Fury, and a Drew McIntyre at the top of my field, with Fury being so entertaining and putting us together, on the WWE platform, making it happen in the UK, where we’re both from, where it all started, and getting it in the UK, it’s something exciting. Hopefully, good for the economy, good for the fanbase there, and something to be proud of."