New details about Peyton Royce's release

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New details about Peyton Royce's release

During the so-called Black Thursday, or Thursday 15 April 2021, WWE returned to firing several of its talents, after having done so on the same day of 2020, when it even went so far as to release over 100 employees, including athletes, road agents, various jobs and even office clerks.

This year, after a whole year of world pandemic, the federation has lowered its aim a bit, releasing "only" a dozen wrestlers, among which also prominent names such as those of Mickie James, Bo Dallas and Samoa Joe, for months relegated to the backstage of the company, without a well-defined on-screen role, if not just for Joe at the commentary table.

As former WWE Superstar Peyton Royce moves forward with her wrestling career, she will be known as Cassie Lee. Dave Meltzer had reported this previously, and it is now confirmed as the former WWE star has filed to trademark her new ring name.

WWE's release of Peyton Royce came as a surprise

Apparently, if the primary motivation that drove WWE executives to do away with several secondary characters from its shows was the inactivity, it would seem that for someone else, the primary motivation would have been her behavior instead.

If, as reported yesterday, Kalisto had been one of those who had requested the dissolution of the Lucha House Party several times, finally being released for the insistence on the management, today we are aware of another, albeit unknown, situation starring Peyton Royce.

In fact, you will all remember that on Raw Talk, a literally fiery Peyton Royce took it out on the WWE and all those talents that are used weekly and which overshadow even those who are never staged by the federation. After this segment, which according to some was absolutely not wanted or scripted by the federation, the athlete's mother had also started, who had gone to take it personally with Charlotte Flair, for having in her opinion the fault of overshadowing all colleagues, stealing space in every show, with a tweet on the famous social network.

Apparently, as revealed by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, it is said to have been precisely these attitudes that would have made the famous WWE overflow, with the executives who in addition to having had no ideas for the girl, would have also remained quite resentful and embittered.

for Royce's behavior, thus deciding to release her in the annual wave of layoffs, which seems to be back in fashion, after years of not being seen anymore. Both Kalisto and Royce are also said to have complained in the internal circles of the federation for not having been used at Wrestlemania and the management would have thus definitively decided to remove them from their roster.