How recent WWE firings affected SmackDown this week

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How recent WWE firings affected SmackDown this week

As we widely saw during the Friday Night SmackDown episode aired on the Italian night between Friday and Saturday, WWE brought very few matches to the blue show card, with an initial segment, which was then followed by a tag team match between Cesaro and Bryan against Jey Uso and Seth Rollins, who took almost half the bet.

Apparently, the possible causes that would have led the management of the federation to opt for such a development of the episode of the blue show would have emerged in the last hours, with the latest defections arriving in the backstage of the company, which would have heavily undermined the course of the normal episode of the weekly show, literally causing the entire creative team to go into trouble.

WWE prepared for WrestleMania Backlash this week for SmackDown

During the past few days, the WWE has in fact gone to fire several executives, from Mark Carrano to Joe Villa, also passing through Nicole Zeoli and Mead Rust.

Each of these executives, in fact, had a very specific place in the big bandwagon that is the WWE, from the advertising sector to that of relations with talents, up to the officer in charge of communications with television stations.

Having fired all these characters, Vince McMahon and his right-hand man, Bruce Prichard, thus found themselves in front of an entire roster that did not have the faintest idea of ​​what to do, with the Chairman once again having to take over the entire situation, managing every single aspect of last Friday's episode of SmackDown.

Although many had thought that the initial four-man match, which lasted a good half hour, had been set up to give prestige to the characters involved, the truth according to several major sites, such as Ringside News, would be that WWE had no idea.

on how to fill the space of two hours of Smackdown programming, with the management that has thus given a lot of time to four absolute talents such as Uso, Rollins, Cesaro and Bryan, who were delighted to carry out most of the episode on their own.

Ultimately, the Smackdown card only had four contests in total, with the WWE's lack of ideas emerging in its entirety, even in front of FOX cameras. Additionally, we were told that WWE only had two segments announced prior to SmackDown because that’s all they had decided on.

Vince McMahon’s time was “very much stretched this week with wiping out an entire division,” as the talent brand management division was greatly cut. There was also a “widespread executive shakeup” to worry about.

That didn’t even include the drama with Mark Carrano’s firing. It was a very busy week in WWE this week, but a lot of the best action didn’t even take place on the screen.