What's next for Mustafa Ali in the WWE?

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What's next for Mustafa Ali in the WWE?

Mustafa Ali, former leader of Retribution, a stable that has now been disbanded that for months has been good and bad in the rings of Monday Night Raw, has now been used in the rings of the WWE main roster for some years, especially thanks to the help of some colleague, who for some time has also had good weight in the backstage of the company, with a completely new role, which has also contributed to enlarging the careers of colleagues, such as that of Mustafa Ali or that of Cesaro.

In fact, we are talking about Daniel Bryan, multiple world champion of the McMahon-owned wrestling company, who together with Edge also plays a very important role under the creative aspect within the backstage of the federation, feeding the management on various wrestlers, who would otherwise be left.

on the sidelines, as has happened recently to characters like Murphy, Aleister Black or others. In his latest speech on the well-known social network Twitter, the former leader of the stable of chaos, in fact, wanted to go and respond to the video posted by a fan, in which he saw his debut on the rings of the WWE main roster, of the now far 2018, when Mustafa Ali went to respond to the challenge launched by the then world champion Daniel Bryan, thus sanctioning his actual passage from 205 Live to Friday Night Smackdown.

What's next for Mustafa Ali in the WWE?

To the fan who asked for explanations and curiosities about Ali's debut on the main roster, the same fighter wanted to answer: "Daniel Bryan said 'we must invest in the future.'

So they asked 'what do you have in mind' and Bryan said 'give me Ali' "These were the words of the light weight fighter currently on Monday Night Raw, regarding his debut three years ago in the rings of the blue show on Friday evening.

Thanks to Daniel Bryan, in fact, WWE Universe fans have had a taste of what could easily be used as one of the main characters of the WWE future storylines, which unfortunately is currently little used by the management of the company, especially after the dissolution of the Retribution, which was more than anything else just a failure for all its members.

Mustafa Ali lost his WWE Championship push due to an unfortunate injury, and Kofi Kingston later took his spot. After being in creative obscurity for months, WWE reintroduced Mustafa Ali as the leader of RETRIBUTION. The faction also suffered from inconsistent booking decisions as they recently disbanded and went their separate ways.

Mustafa Ali is back as a singles competitor, but considering his WWE track record, the RAW superstar's immediate future on TV is debatable, to say the least.