Will Roman Reigns make Daniel Bryan leave SmackDown?

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Will Roman Reigns make Daniel Bryan leave SmackDown?

The episode of Friday Night SmackDown next week has already put a lot of hype in the members of the WWE Universe, thanks to the challenge between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, valid for the Universal title of the blue show, which will also see a special stipulation in case of defeat for the American Dragon, if Bryan lost the match, in fact, the former WWE Champion would have to leave Smackdown forever, as requested by the Tribal Chief of the federation in the last episode of the WWE Friday night show.

In just ten minutes of promo, both Bryan and Reigns managed to literally flip a fairly subdued episode of the WWE blue show, electrifying the home crowd, with a stipulation not seen in the ring for some time.

WWE's plan for Roman Reigns' next opponent

To give some details on the possible endings of the titled match that we will see in the ThunderDome rings in less than a week, the usual Dave Meltzer thought about it, who in the last Newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, went to analyze the pros and cons of the victories of both, even trying to guess what will happen after Roman Reigns' victory or even after Daniel Bryan's victory.

To the microphones of one of the most followed radio programs in web wrestling, Meltzer said: "So I think I understand how they will move, in theory, and that is that Bryan's defeat is very likely and all this will help in the construction of Reigns vs Cesaro, but at the same time Cesaro could intervene against Reigns, sending him on a rampage, enough to lead him to fight against him.

Obviously, they will go with a Reigns vs Cesaro clash at some point. It could also be that Bryan wins, with Bryan then losing to Cesaro and all that would then lead to a Reigns vs Cesaro. I don't expect Bryan to win at all, but it could happen."

With a fairly generic analysis, Dave Meltzer went to sift through what could be the most important and most eligible hypotheses to be implemented for WWE, with a titled victory by Bryan or even a victory by Cesaro, which would surely send fans all over.

the world in raptures, as members of the WWE Universe, have been waiting for this consecration for years now and all this has never arrived. The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns made it clear last week on SmackDown that he doesn't like Daniel Bryan and wants him gone.

Reigns offered to give Bryan a shot at the Universal Championship because he wants Bryan to 'disappear' if he loses. Bryan has mentioned in interviews that he is contemplating giving up full-time wrestling. His contract is also nearing its end, so there is a chance that this match may be a way to write off Daniel Bryan and bring Cesaro into focus.