The Undertaker talks about his retirement

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The Undertaker talks about his retirement

For a long time, The Undertaker has been a mainstay of WWE programming, but in recent years it has become obvious to fans that the Deadman had more days behind him than he had ahead of him when it comes to competition in the ring.

Last year, at WrestleMania 36, ‚Äč‚ÄčUndertaker faced AJ Styles in the first (and so far only) Boneyard Match in history, and in the following days, he confirmed that he had retired from the ring. Well, in the meantime he revealed that he had reached the definitive awareness of being ready for retirement during the match in question.

The former WWE champion recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about his retirement and revealed that he made the fateful decision when he finished about half of the Boneyard Match shoot. “About halfway through that night with AJ, I realized it was all over for me.

It became really obvious over the course of that night that I could no longer physically do things the way I wanted to do them. On a subject like this, I refuse to turn words with our fans."

The Undertaker speaks about his retirement

The Undertaker continued his 'Sports Illustrated' interview stating that he hasn't trained much this year and is living his retirement in peace.

“Usually around October, I start preparing my body for WrestleMania. I haven't trained much this year, specifically creating a safety net around me. So yes, I felt at peace with everything." Over the past few days, the immortal Phenom has returned to some of his latest appearances at WrestleMania, revealing how his match against Roman Reigns in the 33rd edition of the Showcase of The Immortals represents one of the darkest memories of his career.

claimed to have found himself in one of the worst forms of his career, which he was aware of from the previous Royal Rumble). Speaking of the next WrestleMania, number 34, he instead complained about the lack of time allowed to him and John Cena, especially because he was much better than 12 months before.

The Undertaker officially retired at the end of the 2020 Survivor Series pay-per-view. But that hasn't stopped the WWE Universe from speculating about a potential return in the future. While The Undertaker insists that it's time for him to step aside and let the next generation of talent lead the way, very few wrestlers ever truly stay retired in this business.

All it might take is one phone call from Vince McMahon to bring The Undertaker out for one last ride. Only time will tell.