WWE Superstar set to return on Monday Night Raw

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WWE Superstar set to return on Monday Night Raw

There are only a few hours left and a new episode of Monday Night Raw will be staged tonight. With the red show we are approaching, week after week, the next Pay Per View of Wrestlemania Backlash and from the WWE Universe there is great curiosity about how Vince McMahon's company will manage the fight for the title.

In view of Raw, WWE has announced via Monday Night Raw that there will be interesting news regarding the Monday night show. WWE Champion Bobby Lashley will return to Raw after a week off. The All Mighty won his match at Wrestlemania 37 big time and in the following Raw, he had the better of beating Matt Riddle.

However, we did not see the champion last week and through the social networks, the WWE has announced that Lashley will be on Raw and there will be news with a possible comparison with his challenger for Wrestlemania Backlash, or the Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre.

In addition to all this, WWE has announced a rerun of a match that took place last week on Raw: there will be a Tag Team Match with Drew McIntyre who will collaborate with Braun Strowman against former members of the Retribution T-Bar and Mace.

Drew McIntyre will face Mace and T-Bar

In this way, we will try to clarify again the relationship between the latter two and MVP and the whole Hurt Business. The two lost their masks last week and there is curiosity about how they will be presented in this edition of Monday Night Raw.

There are many issues that can be discussed on Raw: we will see how this situation will go on between Bray Wyatt The Fiend and Alexa Bliss with the latter that from Wrestlemania 37 now seems to have definitively freed itself from the silhouette of the company's Demon.

In the last episode of Raw, we also saw a clash between Randy Orton and Riddle and we will understand if there will be a further evolution of the story. WWE also confirmed a rerun of one of last week's matches on RAW. Drew McIntyre will once again team up with Braun Strowman to take on Mace and T-Bar.

Their match last week ended with McIntyre and Strowman's disqualification, so they will be looking to win this time around. The former RETRIBUTION members seem to be in cooperation with The Hurt Business, so this match could give us some more insight into the partnership.