Andrade reflects on negative comments about Charlotte Flair

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Andrade reflects on negative comments about Charlotte Flair

There has been a lot of discussion in recent days about some inferences of the expert journalist Dave Meltzer against Charlotte Flair. Although authoritative and expert in the discipline for decades, the veteran of the 'Wrestling Observer' had let himself go to considerations on the physical and aesthetic appearance of the great former champion of Raw, SmackDown and NXT, also unleashing the anger of the person concerned.

In the meantime, however, Andrade also intervened on the affair, who no longer works in WWE but who was and remains the life partner of Charlotte herself. Now an ex-WWE superstar, El Idolo denied rumors that his fiancée, Charlotte Flair, took a break from WWE to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Over the course of Saturday, Andrade tweeted some photos of Charlotte "no filters and no makeup" along with the following caption: "Workout, diet, facials. Now I'm going to show them all without filters and makeup.

my fiancée Charlotte Flair And for all those people who claim she had 1,000,000 surgeries (actually it was only one). Please stop saying shit."

Andrade talks about Charlotte Flair

Andrade has now lashed out at these negative comments about his fiance in a furious tweet with some photos of Charlotte Flair.

As previously reported, Charlotte Flair spent some time off WWE TV shows to undergo some dental operations. This, however, is the reason why the Queen of the Ring was suspended - in storyline - after brutally attacking Asuka and the current RAW female champion, Rhea Ripley, in the last episode of the red show.

Yet Dave Meltzer had suggested quite the opposite. That's why, after learning about the words of the well-known journalist in the pro-wrestling field, Charlotte Flair certainly did not send them to Meltzer, releasing several tweets through which she wanted to make her thoughts even clearer, truly arriving on the personal with him.

"Charlotte is undergoing a real makeover, because she is not aware of how she looks like her," was Meltzer's opinion. Among the harshest comments of the person concerned we report: "You have my phone number.

It would take you 30 seconds to ask instead of inventing crap to say to your listeners. Grow. For you, for all the other people, who comment on the look of a woman... Don't you have a minimum of shame, decency or professionalism left in you?" This past week on Monday Night RAW, Charlotte Flair faced Asuka in the show's main event.

Distracted by the presence of RAW Women's Champion Rhea Ripley, Charlotte Flair lost the match after getting rolled up and pinned by Asuka. Frustrated by her defeat, The Queen launched an attack on the referee and continued beating him down as the show went off the air.

Immediately following RAW, WWE announced that Charlotte Flair had been indefinitely suspended and fined a whopping $100k for her actions.