Impact Wrestling uses released WWE stars in Slammiversary promo

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Impact Wrestling uses released WWE stars in Slammiversary promo

Although in recent years there had been many who gave it up for defeat, Impact Wrestling has always managed to get up and in recent months has regained great media interest due to the partnership with All Elite Wrestling.

The crossover between the two companies culminated in the Rebellion main event, PPV, which aired last night, where Kenny Omega became the new Impact Wrestling World Champion. The Canadian's victory therefore opens the door to interesting scenarios for the future.

However, the promo of Slammiversary, an important annual Impact event that will be staged in July, has thought about making the fans discuss. From the video it would seem possible the great return of Mickie James, Chelsea Green and Samoa Joe, superstars recently fired by WWE.

The choice to send the Samoan away was not frowned upon by fans, especially after the latter had appeared at the WrestleMania commentary table in the midst of a storm. Apparently Joe had repeatedly expressed a desire to get back into the fight after staying in the pits for a long time, but the WWE had not accepted his request.

Now he is free to be able to perform wherever he pleases, without having to change his ring name.

Impact Wrestling is well aware that WWE released ten Superstars

A return of Samoa Joe to Impact Wrestling, the federation where he played for years before coming to Stamford, would certainly give a big boost to the Company and would also make possible a dream match with Kenny Omega.

The same goes for Mickie James, legend of the women's division, recently the victim of shameful treatment by the WWE. The situation is very similar to that of Slammiversary in 2020, where Eric Young, Heath Slater, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows made their appearance, fired a few months earlier by Stamford.

All that remains is to wait for July to see if Impact Wrestling will make history again. Finally, at the moment, it is not yet clear if fans will be able to attend the event inside the arena, as happened with the WWE for WrestleMania.

Impact Wrestling debuted a new promo video for Slammiversary before Rebellion went off the air. That promo featured quick glimpses of Samoa Joe, Chelsea Green, and Mickie James. Impact Wrestling teased a lot of names this time last year after WWE’s April 15th releases.

They also had plenty of former TNA stars to air footage in the teasers for the Slammiversary promo. We’ll have to see if they really bring Joe, Green, and James back to Impact Wrestling.