WWE has huge plans for Roman Reigns

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WWE has huge plans for Roman Reigns

Since his return to WWE at SummerSlam in 2020 Roman Reigns has had a different role than in the past but has gradually become the star character not only of SmackDown but of the whole WWE. The Tribal Chief of the company continues to dominate and direct the scenes in the blue show and in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown he was the protagonist of a particular segment that ended up changing the cards and surprising both the protagonists and especially the fans of the WWE Universe.

Bryan and Cesaro wanted a match of the latter against the Big Dog for the title, but Roman, fed up with the protests of the two, changed the cards and challenged the Yes Man to a title match: this week SmackDown will have a WWE Universal Championship fight.

If Daniel Bryan wins, we will have a new champion while if Roman Reigns wins, Daniel Bryan will be forced to leave Friday Night Smackdown for good.

Roman Reigns will face Daniel Bryan on SmackDown

The WWE Universe is curious as to how this situation will end, but there are several possibilities.

According to colleagues from The Wrestling Observer, the match between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns at SmackDown will open the door to a title feud between the Tribal Chief and Cesaro. It is not yet clear how, but at the moment this is the most likely scenario.

The WWE fan favorite Yes Man recently admitted that he is thinking of no longer working full time in the company and this match could look like the way to cancel Bryan from the shows while Cesaro could be ready to enter the scene to avenge his friend.

and try to overthrow the WWE Tribal Chief and Head of the Table after a long time. Since the day of conquering the title, Roman Reigns has wiped out all his alleged opponents, also thanks to the help of the WWE Mad Genius Roman Reigns and his adept and cousin Jey Uso, initially also defeated by the strong Big Dog.

The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns made it clear last week on SmackDown that he doesn't like Daniel Bryan and wants him gone. Reigns offered to give Bryan a shot at the Universal Championship because he wants Bryan to 'disappear' if he loses.

Bryan has mentioned in interviews that he is contemplating giving up full-time wrestling. His contract is also nearing its end, so there is a chance that this match may be a way to write off Daniel Bryan and bring Cesaro into focus.