WWE didn't want to reunite former NXT tag team champions

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WWE didn't want to reunite former NXT tag team champions

Very often it happens that WWE reuses plans or wrestlers that had already been used differently in the past, with the management of the Stamford company, which does nothing but invent a new storyline, put the pieces back together, very often succeeding also to make everything work much better.

In the course of the company's history, in fact, the McMahons have managed to give life to characters who in single could not take flight, such as with the New Day, simply changing a character or adopting a new on-screen team.

Apparently, such an idea was also conceived for two former NXT athletes, who were recently moved to the Smackdown ring, but with both that then evaporated into thin air, because they were not used.

WWE’s tag team division could always use a shot in the arm

As we saw a few years ago in the NXT rings, one of the emerging couples who also had a beautiful and equally emerging Alexa Bliss at their side, was the one formed by Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, with the two who formed Blake & Murphy, who also managed to take an NXT tag team title in 2015.

After a reign of over 200 days, the two ended up separating, as Blake was also injured and was out for quite some time. After making his debut in the main roster rings, the WWE management also had the idea of ​​putting the team back together, joining the on-screen boyfriend of Aalyah Mysterio, the former bodyguard of King Corbin.

According to reports from the usual Fightful Select, WWE had every intention of putting the former NXT champions back together, but something would go wrong, with the executives eventually opting to join Steve Cutler and Blake himself in Baron Corbin.

Eventually, both athletes were even released, with WWE not only not using them on-screen prior to release, but also ditching Buddy Murphy backstage at the federation, relegating him to virtually nothing for weeks, after a long storyline alongside Seth Rollins, which began when they were both still on Raw.

According to Fightful Select, “there were pitches from WWE creative to reunite Wesley Blake with Buddy Murphy following the release of Cutler”. Obviously, that idea was nixed. Blake and Cutler both reportedly worked with WWE throughout 2020 for ideas to get them back on television.

They did return as King Corbin’s Knights, but then Cutler’s positive COVID-19 test saw him get released. Blake’s release soon followed without anything else done with him.