Backstage news on Chelsea Green's future

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Backstage news on Chelsea Green's future
Backstage news on Chelsea Green's future (Provided by Wrestling World)

On Thursday, April 15, WWE once again went to cut several of the talents that had crowded its backstage for months, without finding a real place in the main roster rings. After a year from the terrible wave of releases that arrived on the exact same day a year earlier, mainly due to the problems due to the global pandemic, WWE has continued its work of "reclamation", going without several agreements, such as for example that of Bo Dallas, stopped since the end of 2019, that of Samoa Joe, relegated to the commentary table for months or emerging talents such as Chelsea Green.

Matt Cardona's girlfriend is said to be the protagonist of the week as regards the released, with the girl who seems to have the brighter future ahead of her colleagues, since she could easily land on the Impact Wrestling's rings or more likely on those of the AEW, once the non-competition clause, present in his agreement with the WWE, has ended.

WWE released Chelsea Green earlier this month

Just a week after her firing, it seems Chelsea Green already has a clear idea of ​​what awaits her in the summer. Given that her non-compete clause with WWE will end on July 14, for the moment, the girl can only begin to decide what she will wait for her in almost three months, also starting to lay the first solid foundations for her future.

As revealed by the girl's lawyer, Michael E Dockins, the former McMahon athlete has already bought the rights to the motto "50 Shades of Green", with the pun of the girl's last name, which of course will be used in the future for something big.

At the moment, Matt Cardona's girlfriend has locked up this catchphrase to be able to use it on her merchandise, but also on-screen in the next federation she will go to after July. We will see if the sentence in question will be dedicated only to her or if the athlete already has something new in mind for her character or even for a stable, to be taken to the rings of some other company, which obviously will no longer be the WWE now.

Chelsea Green was one of many recently released by WWE. The list includes the likes of Samoa Joe, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, and Mickie James. Some of the releases were expected, but some weren't. Green herself stated that she was shocked by her release.

The former IMPACT Knockout Champion was expected to be released earlier in her WWE career, but this surprised her.

Chelsea Green