Edge apologizes to Kurt Angle

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Edge apologizes to Kurt Angle

WrestleMania 37 was the first WWE event in over a year to have fans in attendance, and everyone knows that one of the best things about live fans is when everyone sings the same thing in unison. Over the years, fans have adopted quite a few choirs, and the "You Suck" choir has become synonymous with Kurt Angle and his entry music.

In fact, the person responsible for that catchphrase is none other than Edge, who after almost twenty years wanted to apologize to his old rival. Kurt Angle has recently released a video showing how the chants started along with the following caption: "How the 'You Suck' chants started.

Thank you so much Edge # itstrue" The post attracted the attention of Edge, who decided to apologize to the Olympic Hero for having personally created the famous catchphrase. In one of the comments to the post, you can see Edge's signature, which states: "Sorry, Kurt.

I love you. If it makes you feel better, I was wearing leather pants and a soaked spandex shirt."

Edge on Kurt Angle

The reality is that Kurt Angle has never had any particular problems in pairing with a chorus of derision that has always characterized his entry into the ring music.

This is demonstrated by the fact that, after his return to WWE from the Hall of Famer, he often accompanied such chants as a conductor and even celebrated the "You Suck" in his celebratory t-shirt sold in 2019, on the occasion of the withdrawal of him.

The singing "You Suck" has been synonymous with Kurt Angle for years now, and the Olympic Hero recently stated on an episode of the Kurt Angle Show that he still thinks his WWE entry song fits him perfectly. "I loved both of my entry music.

I didn't choose the WWE one; Vince McMahon did it for me. But I chose the TNA one, which was part of a spin-off of the Vision Quest movie. he called Lunatic Fringe and was part of a film dedicated to amateur wrestling, "he said in his latest interview with 'AdFreeShow'

The chant began one fateful night on RAW, where Kurt Angle decided to reveal his new t-shirt. Unfortunately for the former WWE Champion, Edge tampered with the reveal, changing the words on the t-shirt to "You Suck"

He took his time, but it's nice to see Edge apologizing for probably one of the greatest chants of the Attitude Era. Angle recently commented on one of the biggest wrestling prospects - Gable Steveson. Angle compared him to Brock Lesnar, who also wrestled at Minnesota University.

"I think he is going to be a big star. Look at his look. If he adapts to pro wrestling and picks it up like Brock Lesnar, he is going to be exactly like Brock Lesnar," Angle said. "So, I think he needs to take the chance.

Whether he goes to MMA or WWE, one or the other, but he's got to do one of them. I think that he is a future star regardless of whatever he does. He's got a great look to him. Great athlete."