*Spoiler* Charlotte Flair made her return on Raw

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*Spoiler* Charlotte Flair made her return on Raw

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, the multi-champion of the WWE rings, Charlotte Flair, had gone to rage against Eddie Orengo, the official referee of the company, after losing her match against Asuka, due to the attack that did not even arrive.

much to a surprise at the hands of Raw's new world champion Rhea Ripley. After losing in the main event of the evening, the WWE Queen had well thought of taking it out on the WWE official, beating him like there was no tomorrow for several seconds, with Orengo's colleagues who also had to work hard to remove Charlotte from his intended victim.

After this vile attack, Adam Pearce had decided to suspend the wrestler indefinitely, also fining her with a fine of $ 100,000, which apparently is said to have already been paid by Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte Flair returns

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired in the night, on the screens of USA Network, apparently, the suspension of Charlotte Flair is said to have already ended, with Sonya Deville, the new character of the management of the company of Stamford, who would have brought in the multi-champion in the ThunderDome, via a secondary entrance to the arena, then allowing her to reach the ring.

Once in the ring, Charlotte wanted to make her official apologies in front of the public, the referee attacked last week and also in front of Deville, who thus decided to end the suspension of the beautiful WWE Queen, without consulting Adam Pearce.

All this does not seem to have already gone to Pearce, who waited for the two to return to the backstage of Raw to give a sound lecture to his colleague, who after just a week has readmitted Charlotte Flair to the workplace after an attack arrived with the worst possible anger, which had to and could be punished more strongly.

We will see in the coming weeks how Charlotte will behave and above all, we will see if something is being born between the multi-champion of the red show and Deville, given the strange relationship staged in tonight's episode.

As a result, Charlotte Flair was reinstated on WWE RAW. Adam Pearce seemed furious over the decision, but that wasn't the only judgment Deville made on the fly. Flair had to face anyone from the RAW locker room in a one-on-one match this week.

Deville approached her former best friend and biggest rival, Mandy Rose, and booked her to face a top star like Charlotte Flair.