The Young Bucks on how much money WWE offered them

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The Young Bucks on how much money WWE offered them

One of the most famous and followed tag teams on a planetary level as regards the world of pro-wrestling, is undoubtedly the one formed by Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson, or The Young Bucks, who work in the All Elite Wrestling rings practically from his birth.

After having trodden the rings of all the most famous companies in the world, from the United States to Mexico, passing through Japan, the Jackson brothers are said to have missed something in their trophy collection in WWE, since the two have always refused to go to work in a huge company like McMahon's, for fear that a bad booking could ruin his career for good.

In their latest interview, the two duo champions of All Elite Wrestling, in their first reign as holders of these belts, wanted to return to talk about WWE, also going to reveal the incredible amount that Vince McMahon would have wanted to shell out to grab himself.

the performances of the two athletes in the ring, in a vain way.

WWE offered The Young Bucks contracts in 2019

To the microphones of the Talk n Shop podcast, the two athletes who currently hold the AEW couple belts, in fact wanted to say about the offer arrived and then rejected by the WWE: "I knew the amount of money the Good Brothers brought home.

All the other teams were getting around $ 150,000 to get started. He (Vince McMahon ed) immediately offered us $ 500,000 each, guaranteed. I was like 'wow, what ?!' At that moment we knew what our market value was. And that would have been just the first offer."

Despite the huge sum of money promised by the McMahons and despite the fact that the contract that the two could sign with WWE there was also the presence of a 10-month free exit clause, in which the Young Bucks could have left the scene at any time, without losing anything, the two preferred to refuse the offer proposed by Vince McMahon and associates, remaining faithful to the AEW that was already being born.

In a recent interview with TV Insider, The Young Bucks were asked about a tag team they would like to wrestle in AEW. The AEW stars stated that they have wrestled with almost all tag teams they've wanted, apart from two current WWE tag teams, The New Day and The Usos.

The Young Bucks revealed that there was a small chance of them facing The New Day a few years ago. "I feel like we’ve wrestled every tag team we’ve wanted to. I guess the Usos and The New Day would be the only two left who would be on my bucket list.

When we were close to doing The Elite versus The New Day a few years ago, WWE never gave the okay on it. We were really close to doing it."