Sin Cara discusses his relationship with Vince McMahon

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Sin Cara discusses his relationship with Vince McMahon

Sin Cara - now known as 'Cinta de Oro' - left the WWE in December 2019, thanks to some differences with the top representatives of the Stamford-based federation. It's not always easy to deal with Vince McMahon, and there are numerous superstars who have tried their luck elsewhere after feeling limited in WWE.

The most emblematic case was perhaps that of Cody Rhodes, who became one of the iconic faces of the independent circuit before diving with all his energy into the newborn All Elite Wrestling. In a long interview granted to the 'Inside The Ropes' portal in recent days, Sin Cara spoke about the lack of dialogue with Vince McMahon during his short stay in the company.

Sin Cara on Vince McMahon

"I never went to Vince McMahon's office and I never knocked on his door" - began De Oro. “I never waited outside his office for him trying to see if he wanted to talk to me. Why should I have done such a thing? I worked for his company, put my body at risk almost every single night, so I think I deserved better communication with my employer.

It wasn't me who had to wait two or three hours to try to talk to him. We have never had a relationship based on dialogue and I have never intended to go there begging him. If I arrived in WWE, it means that you know my qualities, you know what I can do”- he added.

Sin Cara then tried to tone things down: “The few interactions I've had with him have always been fantastic. I never had any problems, he was kind to me when I was able to interact with him. The time I injured my shoulder, he came to me right after the show to find out more about my condition.

I was very grateful to him, it was a really nice moment”. The 43-year-old, who left WWE and his moniker Sin Cara, in 2019, said he simply wanted respect from his fellow WWE Superstars. He explained: “I say this from the bottom of my heart: Everything that happened, I was never trying to prove anything to anybody, that I was better than anybody,” he added.

“It was a matter of respect for me. That’s how I grew up. It’s kind of like in the hood where you’ve got to earn your respect – that’s all I was asking for. Nothing more than that; I’m not trying to prove I’m better than you or I’m this and that – never.

We had a little misunderstanding, me and him,” he said. “But the one thing that I mentioned before about men is maybe we can have a misunderstanding and we can battle it out, then the next day, we’ll be fine.

And I understand, imagine being in a locker room where everybody wants to be number one and fighting for that one spot. I understand there is going to be some misunderstandings, not everyone is going to be on the same page and things like that”.