John Cena pays tribute to The Miz

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John Cena pays tribute to The Miz

For some time now John Cena seems to have put aside the world of wrestling with his WWE appearances increasingly reduced to a flicker. We no longer see him in the ring of Vince McMahon's company since the last Firefly Fun House Match played at Wrestlemania 36 against Bray Wyatt The Fiend and since that day we have only heard rumors and social comments.

Although he is no longer a full-time wrestler in his partner, the former WWE Champion always has time to comment on social media what happens in the federation and has found time to praise one of the wrestlers of Monday Night Raw.

WWE legend John Cena heaped major praise on The Miz in his latest tweet.

John Cena praises The Miz

In the latest edition of WWE 24, there was an in-depth look at two-time WWE Champion The Miz. Several fans and wrestlers have extolled the character and personality of The A-Lister and through his Twitter account, John Cena urged fans to watch the special on The Miz praising the wrestler with this tweet: "Watch the special now.

The Miz is the definition of both passion and perseverance and is underestimated only by the ignorant. He is the hardest worker I know and is an inspiration to me and proof that true success requires every inch." Through social media, The Miz's response was not long in coming with the wrestler who thanked the Boston legend for the compliments received.

The Miz recently had a second chance to take his second career title at The Elimination Chamber. When both were present in WWE, John Cena and The Miz were protagonists of feuds within the company several times. Probably their most interesting storyline saw them then lead to fighting at Wrestlemania 27 in 2011.

On that occasion, it was The A-Lister who got the better of surprisingly enough all the insiders: the two wrestlers continued to work together for years and the tweet of the 16 times WWE World Champion was much appreciated by fans on Twitter.

WWE veteran The Rock also got involved in the mix by making his big return after seven years and berated both Cena and The Miz on RAW. The Miz and John Cena met in the main event of WrestleMania 27, and it was The A-lister who came out on top when all was said and done.

Cena and The Miz traveled together for years. It was a fantastic gesture from the 16-time world champion to put over The Miz's WWE 24 special in front of his vast Twitter fanbase.