Mansoor reveals he is married

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Mansoor reveals he is married

One of the WWE Superstars who is strangely enjoying unexpected success with fans in the last period is the Arabian wrestler of the McMahon-owned federation: Mansoor. The wrestler born and raised in Saudi Arabia, who managed to fulfill his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar and also managed to see the company of McMahons do real tours to his native country and also managed to triumph in various contests in the rings of the various Super ShowDowns or Crown Jewel.

After winning a 50-man Battlet Royal and a match against Cesaro, in which the local fans were all cheering for him, Mansoor seems to have gotten married recently practically in great secrecy, with fans who knew nothing of his intentions and who were obviously warned of things already done.

Mansoor has been competing in the company for a few years

After reporting the incredible streak of victories that Mansoor has been carrying out for some years now, we are talking about a match streak from which Mansoor has not been defeated since August 2019, in an NXT match against Dominik Dijakovic, reaching well 45 consecutive victories, also thanks to the matches that Mansoor fights in the Main Event rings, we report instead the news of his marriage.

With a photo that came out of nowhere, just like his streak, Mansoor wanted to communicate to his followers on Instagram, that he has finally fulfilled his dream of marrying the American designer Mia Carey, with a beautiful photo of the hands of both boys, with the ring on your finger.

With a further message posted directly in his profile, Mansoor has also updated the fans on his streak, which obviously is no longer at 45, as a few weeks ago, but would have been updated to 49 wins. Once again, WWE Arab fans will be super happy with this news, both for the wedding of their idol, and of course also for the streak that continues to grow and grow in the McMahon-owned wrestling rings.

Mansoor has been in a relationship with designer Mia Carey of Orlando, Florida for a good amount of time before tying the knot. As reported earlier, WWE has been keeping Mansoor’s winning streak alive for an interesting reason.

We would like to congratulate the happy couple on their marriage and wish their eternal happiness. WWE Superstar Mansoor has been competing in the company for a few years, where he primarily has been competing in the 205 Live brand.