Latest update on Humberto Carrillo's WWE push

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Latest update on Humberto Carrillo's WWE push

In the last two episodes of Monday Night Raw, Humberto Carrillo, a Mexican fighter who had been among others, in a feud with Andrade, Seth Rollins and Murphy, has reappeared after months of absence from the rings of the WWE, from a week to week.

In the last two episodes of the red show, the wrestler who has visibly engaged in the gym during his absence seems to have targeted the secondary champion of the WWE flag show, that Sheamus who came out of Wrestlemania 37 with the title.

After having also taken a considerable blow, always against the Irishman of Raw, it seems to emerge what could be the role in the ring of the red show for Carrillo, once back on the scene.

Backstage news on Humberto Carrillo

As the usual Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez tried to analyze and deduce, on the microphones of the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it seems that the federation may soon give even more weight to the Mexican, who, once back on the scene, could thus return to have also a greater characterization and weight on the television screens of the red show.

To the microphones of their latest update, the two well-known journalists said: "So this could be the beginning of a program and maybe it could also be the beginning of something they will do with Humberto Carrillo, after having been doing nothing for a long period of time.

They may already be staging a match next week, where he will lose or maybe they will hold it tight for the next pay-per-view, where even there, he will probably lose." Apparently, WWE went fishing out among that pile of unused athletes, its new challenger for the United States champion, that is Humberto Carrillo who looked like he could be the new flagship of WWE, for the Mexican market and which turned out to be yet another hole in the water, due to the booking team of the Stamford federation.

We hope that in this second stint, after the long pause he had to put up with, the Raw ring fighter can stand out for his great technical and acting skills, as well as for the great physique he put on him in the off-screen period.

WWE has booked a very interesting storyline for their United States Champion Sheamus. For the past two weeks, he’d had to deal with Humberto Carrillo. This week Carrillo got a bit more offense in on the Celtic Warrior. There is a lot going on in WWE and Humberto Carrillo hasn’t been factored into much at all. Next week will be the real determining factor to see if they bring him back for a third week against Sheamus.