Vince Russo on Randy Orton and Riddle

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Vince Russo on Randy Orton and Riddle

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, the storyline that starred Randy Orton and Matt Riddle continued. Last week The Original Bro proposed to Orton to make a couple perhaps using the name of RKBro for the two wrestlers: the Legend Killer replied annoyed and there was a match between the two wrestlers, but surprisingly in the end it was Riddle who triumphed.

This week things continued on Monday Night Raw: during the red show the two met backstage and Orton had a totally different attitude, he congratulated Riddle on his work and last week's victory and he claimed to have earned his respect.

This week the Tag Team went on stage and after a good performance, RKBro won a match against the now-former Hurt Business members Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander.

Vince Russo on Randy Orton and Riddle

In the latest edition of Legion of Raw on Sportkeeda Wrestling, former Raw creative team member Vince Russo criticized WWE's attitude towards The Viper and his character in general: "Here's what I didn't like, you always have to be true to the character.

Randy Orton did the RKO on everyone, even his wife and kids a little more and I think today at the end of the match he had to react and RKO Riddle. I think 100% it had to end like this. They didn't actually do this because they claimed that Riddle got the Legend Killer, but he really didn't do anything to win Orton.

This is how the character of Randy Orton is disfigured, one who has done the RKO even to Beth Phoenix and so you could finally create something that had serious meaning." In recent months Randy Orton has been embroiled in a long feud with Bray Wyatt The Fiend, a fight that ended with the Legend Killer's victory at Wrestlemania 37 and now looks ready for more fights.

Russo called the tomato segment "embarrassing" and also added that such segments could be embarrassing for the USA Network as well: "I'm telling you USA Network has to be watching this show and they've got to be embarrassed.

They've got to be embarrassed that this is on their network. I'm sorry, it's embarrassing, just embarrassing," said Russo. During this week's Legion of RAW, Vince Russo also discussed why WWE may not have any incentive to improve the product.

This led to a six-man tag match which was won by Priest, Xavier Woods, and Kingston after Woods rolled up Ryker and pinned him.