Xavier Woods talks about Big E's WWE future

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Xavier Woods talks about Big E's WWE future

One of the most sensational title victories in Wrestlemania rings in recent years is undoubtedly the one in Wrestlemania 35, where Kofi Kingston, after a run-up that lasted a few months, succeeded for the first time in over 10 years of career in WWE, to get his hands on that WWE Championship he had dreamed of since he was a child.

At that juncture, which for the whole world has become the Kofi-Mania, all the fans of the globe had joined the New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods) and its protagonist, turning their backs instead to a truly exceptional Daniel Bryan heel, who despite having his part of the help of Erick Rowan, he still failed to remain champion during that year's Showcase of the Immortals.

In his latest interview with Sports Illustrated, the former Raw couple champion along with Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, wanted to announce to fans that Big E will soon be world champion and consequently, at least according to his thinking, Kingston and he will also be champions along with Big E.

Xavier Woods talks about Big E's WWE future

Speaking to the well-known site, Woods said: "The prophecy has been announced; Big E will win the title. He will go on to win the King of the Ring and then we will be the three kings.

That's how New Day works right now. We say things, we make the right moves and things happen. Let's cross our fingers so that everything happens and we will become champions" After losing the Intercontinental title at the hands of Apollo Crews, in their Wrestlemania 37 match, where Apollo introduced his new bodyguard, the Commander Azeez, it seems that for Big E there is something more intense and bigger in his future, with a storyline that could even lead him to the main event of Wrestlemania 38, against that Roman Reigns Universal champion, in a storyline that would have already been underlined and suggested by Paul Heyman, in one of the last episodes of Talking Smack.

After sharing the anecdote with Kofi Kingston and Big E, which the pair found hilarious, Xavier Woods shared that other Superstars have brought up the incident in his wrestling career in the WWE locker room: "So, we were in the locker room and Dolph had come in, and we were talking and he said "Oh, was Woods there when he did the ab thing and made fun of that guy" and I was like "uh, it was actually me that he made fun of" and walked away so cool.

But I love it because now, Christian comes up and he shows me like a full eight-pack... so yes, just very happy that he's back."