New details on Mark Henry's in-ring return

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New details on Mark Henry's in-ring return

In recent weeks, there has been a return to the talk of WWE Hall of Famer, Mark Henry, last seen in the WWE rings at Raw Legends, when Randy Orton literally bullied him, while the leader of the Hall of Pain quietly strolled backstage, thanks to the help of a walker, after having undergone yet another surgical operation on a leg.

Apparently, if most of the fans of the WWE Universe were convinced that they had already seen the last match in the WWE rings or in general on the pro-wrestling rings of Mark Henry, soon the mammoth former-WWE world champion, it could instead surprise everyone, returning to the scene at least for one or two matches.

Latest update on Mark Henry

In the last episode of the Hall of Fame podcast, by Booker T, Mark Henry intervened to talk about his current physical situation, saying he had lost weight and declaring: "There are a lot of kids who haven't seen me fight.

They could only see me on Youtube. Enough time has passed now. Also, I left without having a single last match, after teasing everyone with my pink jacket on, when I said 'Ok, I'm sorry but I lied to everyone, saying I wanted to leave and want to retire.

I made it to you ' But I didn't have that match where I go out there and pay my tribute to the fans and then go to fight against someone very talented, who may be one of the future legends of the company. I didn't and I feel guilty.

That's why I'm doing it now. I think I will have to do it by now when I am almost 50 and expectations are lowered. At 50, the fans certainly don't expect to see me play a twenty-minute match, a five-star contest, to be honest (Mark Henry laughs).

I'm telling you right now. Listen, I'll come back and go out there in a really great condition. I have already lost 30 kg compared to when I had my last match. I will be in great physical condition. It will take a great man to beat me, but it probably might not take long."

In a recent interview, Mark Henry stated that he wants to face NXT United Kingdom Champion, WALTER, in his final match. Here's what Henry said: "I want to have one more match before I completely say I’m never going to wrestle again.

And WALTER is one of those guys that… he may need to be put in the Hall of Pain to make it, to be tempered by the fire that can make you a champion."