Kurt Angle on rejecting an offer from the UFC

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Kurt Angle on rejecting an offer from the UFC

If anyone knows Brock Lesnar and his WWE experience well, it's Kurt Angle. The Olympic Hero was one of the very first, great rivals of the then Next Big Thing that shocked the company in 2002 when it had just changed its name from WWF.

The two were then the protagonists of an unforgettable fight at WrestleMania XIX, before finding themselves together many years later in the rings of Raw, one as Universal Champion and the other as General Manager. And now that the Stamford company is wondering who could become "the new Brock Lesnar", Kurt Angle has no doubts.

WWE has always been very careful about young promises that exploded outside the company, but Gable Steveson seems to represent the spearhead of this ancient concept: he is in fact a man that the company really wants to put under contract.

In turn, Kurt Angle himself also has his sights set on the current NCAA Division 1 Champion. Enough to share the opinions of those who believe him the possible "Brock Lesnar of the future" Kurt Angle also discussed how he rejected an offer from the UFC.

The offer came before Angle signed with WWE in 1998.

Kurt Angle has won 21 total championships in WWE

"It was money. The MMA at the time, the UFC when they approached me it was in 1997. Dana White was not involved at the time and there was a woman there that was in charge.

She called me and said, 'Hey, we'd like you to enter the UFC and we'll give you a 10 fight deal.' And the money wasn't that great. It was $15,000 a fight so I wasn't going to get my butt kicked for $15,000 for each fight.

That would have been brutal," Kurt Angle said. Kurt Angle talked about Gable Steveson during the Kurt Angle Show, where he reiterated that he shared the comparisons with Brock Lesnar. "I think he's going to be a big star.

Look at his look. If he adapts to pro wrestling and applies to it like Brock Lesnar, he'll be exactly like Brock Lesnar. I think he needs to take the risk, whether he goes to MMA or WWE, one or the other is equally good. But he has to say yes to one of them.

I think he is a future star, no matter what he does. He has a wonderful way of introducing himself, we really talk about a great athlete." Gable Steveson qualified to represent the United States at the 2020 Summer Olympics after winning the 2020 United States Olympic Team Trials.

He's busy right now, but those WWE aspirations haven't diminished at all. If anything, all the work he's doing now may only increase the value of his contract when it comes time to talk to Vince McMahon's company to strike a deal.

Steveson is already close to Brock Lesnar, as the two trained together. That relationship could affect Steveson in many ways.