CM Punk Will Possibly Fight for Triller in The Future

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CM Punk Will Possibly Fight for Triller in The Future

Triller Fight Club and MLW broadcaster Ray Flores recently spoke about CM Punk possibly working for Triller in the future. CM Punk is one of the most famous former WWE wrestlers of all time. He is well-known for exposing WWE for treating its workers very badly.

CM Punk has been extremely vocal about never wanting to work for WWE again. The only time he appeared for WWE programming was back when he was working as an analyst for WWE Backstage. CM Punk left WWE and started working for UFC.

However, he did not perform well in the UFC and after losing twice in UFC, he never fought there again. CM Punk wasn’t the most skillful MMA fighter, but he has expressed interest in fighting in an octagon again.

Triller Open to CM Punk Fighting for Them In the Future

Ray stated that Triller Fight Club is open to having CM Punk fight for them.

CM Punk does not have any fights scheduled, yet he is still following UFC’s drug testing policy protocols. “I think if CM Punk wants to do it, I think that Triller would absolutely be open to it because he’s still a big name,” Flores noted.

“I mean now the fans are coming back. You go to arenas all over the world and you still hear chants of CM Punk in different wrestling arenas all over. “So if he wants to come back and he’s willing to go in there and train, then I think he absolutely can make the connection, and they’ll definitely be open to it.

Whether or not it will happen, it’s kind of like the perfect storm. All the stars need to align for him to get in there, but if he wants to and he’s willing to put in the time in the gym, then why not? I mean, he’s one of those guys that still now after how long he’s been away from sports entertainment and combat sports, he still a big name in combat sports”.

He also stated that CM Punk still has a lot of drawing power so Triller will be a perfect place for him as it is a platform for those that can’t find a good platform to use their drawing power. “Also too, you’re going to get high-level match-ups but then you’re also going to get fun, unique fights and then you’re going to get entertainment,” Flores said.

“Okay, I’m going to come and see a hip-hop artist, and then I’m going to see a guy, a professional boxing trainer who’s a fighter fight, a Reggaetón artist. I mean, it’s kind of all these different things are happening at once, and then you’re getting Frank Mir against Steve Cunningham.

Those are the kind of things that you’re like, ‘Is this really happening right now?’ But that’s what you get on Triller”.