New details on AJ Styles' absence on Raw

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New details on AJ Styles' absence on Raw

Wrestlemania 37 has been on the scene for several weeks now. One of the most interesting moments of the show of the Immortals was certainly the victory of the Raw Tag Team Championship titles of the new couple composed of AJ Styles and his faithful Omos who won the title against New Day.

This victory gave The Phenomenal One the chance to become Grand Slam Champion having won all the titles of Vince McMahon's company. A situation that has aroused particular sensation and curiosity in the WWE Universe is that the two have not celebrated the title achieved and in fact, they have disappeared from Raw for three weeks.

Many ideas have been proposed on this situation, the WWE Universe believed that perhaps the time was given to Omos to acquire more techniques in his technical background (many have noticed that at Wrestlemania 37 he did not do much to win the match), but finally, there are rumors about the real reason for their absence.

Latest update on AJ Styles

According to Cageside Seat colleagues, the real reason why AJ Styles and Omos are absent from the red show (Raw) is that the creative team has no idea for them and at the moment they don't know what to do with the two Tag Team Champion.

Bryan Alvarez revealed that the whole roster is currently available, there are no problems and that all those who have not seen in the ring in recent weeks, are not present exclusively because there are no ideas for them and this also applies to AJ Styles and Omos.

The plans of the WWE are unknown, the Viking Raiders are back in vogue in recent weeks but given the latest Raw it does not seem unlikely that the RKBRO, the strange couple composed of Randy Orton and Matt Riddle, may soon be designated as the main challenger for the two for the title.

However, Cageside's colleagues have revealed how absurd it is to keep a character from the prominence of AJ Styles out of the show, even from simple segments. It looks like WWE is preparing Randy Orton and Riddle to become the next challengers for the Tag Team Championships.

Apart from that, the returning Viking Raiders have also been booked strongly for the past few weeks. It is still perplexing that the company would choose to have someone with the star power of AJ Styles absent from the show.

Even if WWE doesn't have any story planned for the RAW Tag Team Champions, it would still make sense to have backstage interviews or vignettes featuring the two men. It can be argued that by not having them show up on RAW, the title win at WrestleMania 37 has been devalued.