Update on WWE plans for Daniel Bryan after SmackDown

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Update on WWE plans for Daniel Bryan after SmackDown

During the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown, a match valid for the WWE Universal Championship was established between the champion Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Initially, the Yes Man was asking aloud for a title match for Cesaro, but the WWE Tribal Chief, fed up with the wrestler's requests, instead sanctioned another match: Daniel Bryan can win the title if he wins but in case defeat to WWE's Head of the Table will have to leave SmackDown forever.

As it appears somewhat unlikely that Roman Reigns will lose the title of champion, some speculations about Daniel Bryan's future have already appeared.

Backstage News on Daniel Bryan

Fan fans of the WWE Universe immediately pointed out that there has never been any talk of the Yes Man outside of WWE, but rather it is just about seeing him outside of Friday Night SmackDown.

Daniel Bryan's contract is expected to expire in September and it has already been made clear that it will not be renewed. At the moment, however, the WWE Universe will be able to console itself with the fact that the wrestler will remain in the company with another brand, or at Monday Night Raw or even at NXT where he could already help in the growth of other interesting wrestlers.

As for the SmackDown title race, Roman Reigns has been appearing in total control of what happens in the blue show for months now and anyone who gets in his way ends up being annihilated. Also at Wrestlemania 37 in the Main Event, the Triple Threat Match between the Tribal Chief, Edge and Daniel Bryan, the strongest Heel of the company appeared in domination and won the match pinning and paving both opponents.

Now, after Daniel Bryan, his next opponent could be Cesaro, who, as reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by well-known colleague Dave Meltzer, could return to challenge Roman Reigns to 'avenge' his friend Daniel Bryan after Friday night.

There is a lot of curiosity from the WWE Universe as to how this situation will end and to understand what the real future will be in the company of Daniel Bryan. Bryan has made it clear as of late that his WWE contract is expiring soon.

The Leader Of The Yes Movement said he felt an "odd detachment" during his big match at this year's WrestleMania against Edge and Roman Reigns. Will Bryan end his WWE career on another brand other than SmackDown? Or will he once again shock the world and defeat Reigns this Friday night for the Universal Championship?