Former WWE composer describes his relationship with Vince McMahon

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Former WWE composer describes his relationship with Vince McMahon

As you surely all know, today's WWE is a company whose history is very long. Before Vincent Kennedy McMahon aka Vince McMahon became its owner, there was, in fact, Vince's father at the head of the whole cabin, that is Vince McMahon Sr., who practically started the North American pro-wrestling revolution, with his son who has collected the legacy and which has literally revolutionized a discipline, even creating the show par excellence that is now followed by the whole world: Wrestlemania.

Apparently, Vince McMahon Jr's new vision was markedly different from that of his father, some 40-50 years ago, with the father of the current WWE Chairman, who was convinced that his son literally brought the family company closure, for detail that today seems essential to us: the entry music of talents.

Jim Johnston on Vince McMahon

To the microphones of his latest interview, released for the occasion to Chris Van Vliet, the historic composer of the entrance music of WWE wrestlers, Jim Johnston, who among other things also composed the theme song of Vince McMahon himself or those of characters of the caliber of The Undertaker, he wanted to tell about his first meeting with Vince McMahon's son.

Pressed precisely on this topic, Johnston has in fact told: "And so one night, I saw this guy, who I had already seen several times and he said to me 'Didn't you say you wrote music or something?' Then he explained to me that he worked for WWE and was the art director of the company.

He was asked to put together a video for a TV convention, and he said, 'I can make a video by putting together some things, but I have no idea how to put music under there if you want to try it yourself' So I did it and met Vince.

Vince and I worked together inexplicably well, right from the start, when the entry music just didn't exist. No, really, there was nothing. There was no music of any kind at the entrance. Anyway, one of my favorite stories about Vince's father is when Vince bought the company from his father and wanted to put the music in, so his father said to him 'If you put music in these shows, you're going to literally kill.

the whole business' So dad was a big mistake on that occasion." Johnston also recalled how he was pretty annoyed with Vince McMahon when he wrote the WWE Chairman's 'No Chance in Hell' song. Jim Johnston made 'No Chance in Hell' after taking a cue from his perception of Vince McMahon and the interactions with the boss.

Johnston stated that competing with Vince McMahon was a futile task as McMahon didn't follow the conventional rulebook and always won.