SummerSlam to be the next event with live fans

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SummerSlam to be the next event with live fans

The next most important WWE PPV, which by the way is also the most important of the entire summer of the federation, as well as the second in terms of fame after Wrestlemania of the entire WWE annual schedule, is obviously SummerSlam.

In the annual framework of the McMahon company, after the Royal Rumble and after Wrestlemania, the summer Big Four arrives at a temporal level, SummerSlam, with the Survivor Series that instead close the year, in November.

After seeing the public take part in a show of the number one company in the world, in the pro-wrestling sector, with Wrestlemania which in fact hosted almost 50,000 people, divided into two evenings, now the next big event that will surely have his beloved WWE Universe live, it will be the most important stage of the summer.

SummerSlam is the next likely PPV for an event with live fans

According to what was revealed by several local newspapers in the state of Massachusetts, especially with regard to the city of Boston, it would seem that WWE could use the very location that was initially planned to stage the event last year before the pandemic arrived.

to destroy all WWE plans. Before closing all the doors of its shows to fans, the McMahon-owned federation had decided to broadcast its summer Big Four from the TD Garden in Boston, only to then obviously fall back on the ThunderDome, which WWE had built in that space.

'Amway Center in Orlando. After one of the most unfortunate years for the WWE, but also for the whole world, the McMahons can smile again, trying to bring back their most important PPV of the summer, from the arena in which it was already planned less than a year does.

The only problem that remains between the McMahons and bringing the public back to the arena is that the state of Massachusetts will reopen to sporting events with an audience from the 1st of August and from that date, in the state it will no longer even be necessary to wear a mask.

T he problem is that, however, the mayor of Boston confirmed that until the 23rd of the same month, these guidelines will not be taken, so we could wait until the last Sunday of the month, or that of August 29th, to see SummerSlam from Boston.

The WWE is therefore now faced with a choice, wait until the end of the month to broadcast the event anyway from Boston with the public or anticipate the date, but changing location and probably also state. According to the Boston Globe, Boston Mayor Janey has announced that her city will wait three additional weeks before fully opening up as per the new policy.

That puts Boston’s date for a return to “normalcy” at August 23rd. There is no official date for SummerSlam yet, but August 23rd is the second to last Monday of the month.