Omos talks about his WWE absence

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Omos talks about his WWE absence

We have already talked about AJ Styles & Omos and their "mysterious" disappearance from WWE after WrestleMania 37 in the past few hours on these pages, but in the meantime it was they themselves who came back to the matter.

And they did so by intervening on WWE's The Bump. Those who expected a real answer were probably disappointed. The current Raw couple champions, in fact, have never gone out of their respective characters and therefore have not solved the mystery.

Certainly, however, they have found a way to get the audience a laugh. AJ Styles, who is really a friend of Omos even in everyday life, explained that if the two no longer appeared on Raw after WrestleMania, it is for a very specific reason.

The two are said to have in fact gone for a short vacation in the homeland of the same Omos, or Nigeria (now ubiquitous in the speeches of the WWE). The Phenomenal One has in fact told that the couple of friends spent days and days between parties and revels, also thanks to the popularity of his giant ally, treated at home like a true king.

Styles concluded by stating that he was so relaxed and distracted between parties that he got a painful burn from the Nigerian heat. Obviously none of this is true, and Raw's duo champions will return to regularly take part in the red show in the next episode on Monday 3 May.

Those who had their belts ripped off at the Immortals Showcase - New Day's Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods - are already waiting for them.

Omos on his WWE absence

In reality, according to reports from 'Cageside Seats', the real reason why AJ Styles and Omos have been absent from Raw for weeks now is because the creative team has no idea for them, and at the moment they don't know what to do with the two Tags.

Team Champion. Bryan Alvarez revealed that the entire roster is currently available: there are no physical problems for anyone, and everyone we have not seen in the ring in recent weeks are not present exclusively because there are no ideas for them.

And this, apparently, also applies to AJ Styles & Omos. The plans of the WWE are unknown: the Viking Raiders are back in vogue in recent weeks but given the latest Raw it does not seem unlikely that the RKBRO, the strange couple composed of Randy Orton and Matt Riddle, can soon be designated as the main challenger for the two for the title.

In the same interview, AJ Styles also discussed what it felt like to have the WWE Universe in attendance for the first time in over a year. The Phenomenal One said: "Finally, finally and it was just a quarter of the people that could've been there- the fans that could've been there.

So Omos I can't wait till next year. WrestleMania next year. It's gonna be unbelievable. It's gonna be in Texas. My first ever WrestleMania was there. I know how many people are gonna show up. It's gonna be unbelievable."