WWE suspends Drake Wuertz

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WWE suspends Drake Wuertz

Recently, some really absurd rumors have emerged about Drake Wuertz, a well-known WWE referee, seen mainly in the NXT rings in recent years. Apparently, the guy who was once a real wrestler and was eventually hired by WWE with truly remarkable prospects for the future, so much so that the management entrusted him with important assignments in the world of federation refereeing, has ended up in an endless vortex of criticism, which has also led to a suspension complete with exclusion from WWE environments.

All this is said to have resulted from some heavy and absurd statements by Wuertz himself, who in recent weeks even went so far as to state that wearing anti-covid masks would be equal to incentivizing the exploitation of pedophilia, because these characters like to wear masks.

WWE suspended Drake Wuertz

Also appeared in several Zoom calls with some commissions in the American county where he lives, WWE referee Drake Wuertz has in fact stated that no mask should be worn to be easily recognizable.

We report below one of the videos of these live shows, where Wuertz became the protagonist of some real delusions, regarding this matter: After becoming aware of this matter, the WWE management immediately blocked Wuertz's work, even going to suspend him for an unspecified period of early 2021.

According to the well-known Fightful Select podcast, in fact, Drake Wuertz is said to have been suspended for several weeks and literally banned from joining the WWE CWC, in Orlando. Furthermore, if Wuertz previously had a brilliant career in the WWE referee sector, now all the roles he held, such as being the head referee of NXT or being the one who decided the timing of the matches, would be entrusted.

to other colleagues, with his figure moving further and further away from WWE. In fact, many working backstage in the federation are wondering how Wuertz still manages to work for a company like WWE, after what emerged about him.

Wuertz was also not offered the backup position of the timer. DA Brewer is doing that instead. It is also reported that Drake Wuertz was suspended in early 2021 and he wasn’t allowed in the Capitol Wrestling Center. It is reported that when Drake Wuertz returned to the WWE Performance Center, he “appeared to have subdued many mannerisms that got him ‘substantial heat.' Many in NXT are surprised that he is still with the company due to his radical beliefs.