Kurt Angle recalls his amazing feud with Eddie Guerrero

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Kurt Angle recalls his amazing feud with Eddie Guerrero

Two of the characters that the Italian WWE audience knows much better, especially thanks to the boom that Smackdown made in the early 2000s on Mediaset networks, are certainly Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero. For years, the two former WWE wrestlers have been given a lot of reason in the Smackdown ring, with a feud that led the two athletes to a match at Wrestlemania 20, which remained in history for the robbery victory of the famous Latino Heat, loved by the entire WWE Universe.

The two wrestlers, in addition to being great professionals, were also great friends in real life, with Eddie's temperament which however led to some disagreements between them, even in the backstage of the federation, like the episode that Angle himself wanted to bring back.

in one of his latest interviews with Hannibal TV.

Kurt Angle on his storyline with Eddie Guerrero

In his latest interview, the WWE Olympic champion brought to mind the wretched brawl that led him and Eddie Guerrero to actually fight backstage in Smackdown, after an attack that came a little too hard on-screen.

To the microphones of Hannibal TV, Kurt Angle has in fact revealed: "We were in the ring and had to get heats with an attack on him. Which meant we had to attack him and drop him. With my group of guys, who at the time had Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak and me, we went to attack Eddie, but I didn't even touch him.

I think that time they went down a bit heavy, so he came to me backstage, he was really furious and approaching me he said 'Why the hell did you do that? You literally broke my ***.' Obviously, he didn't use such sweet words.

And I said, 'Eddie, I didn't touch you', but he said yes instead and pushed me. Then I told him that he would never have to push me again and pushed him back. At that point, he tried to take me by the legs to throw me to the ground and start a fight, but being an amateur wrestler I got the better.

It was pretty easy to put him in a submissive move and I started choking him, then luckily Big Show came and split us, thank God, because I really loved Eddie and didn't want to hit him." Kurt Angle went on to reveal the hilarious conversation WWE legend JBL had with Eddie Guerrero a few minutes after their backstage altercation.

Angle said that JBL asked Eddie Guerrero why he had tried to take down an Olympic gold medallist. Angle described Eddie's priceless reply: "The crazy thing is, 10 minutes later, JBL goes to Eddie and says, 'Why would you double-leg an Olympic gold medallist?' and Eddie says, 'Because I'm a dumbass,' so it turned out to be pretty funny but it was pretty intense."