Alberto Del Rio opens up on his agreement with Paige

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Alberto Del Rio opens up on his agreement with Paige

Since leaving WWE in 2016, Alberto Del Rio has been at the center of numerous controversies that have ended up falling on his personal sphere as well. In his career, the former Mexican superstar has twice won the WWE title, the World Heavyweight Championship and the US champion belt.

In 2011, he also became the only wrestler in the history of the Stamford-based company to have won both the Royal Rumble match and the Money in the Bank in the same year. El Patron also made headlines for his troubled romantic relationship with Paige, another former WWE star.

In a very long interview granted to Hugo Savinovich for 'Lucha Libre Online', Alberto recounted all the details that led to the epilogue of the love story between him and the former Divas Champion.

Alberto Del Rio on his agreement with Paige

“Paige and I could have built an empire together, not only because of our skills in the ring but also because of everything around us.

Due to various vicissitudes, instead of taking advantage of it and growing as a couple, we did the exact opposite, we dedicated ourselves to doing things that were not useful either for our careers or for our relationship "- revealed Alberto Del Rio.

The former US champion added some new elements to his story: “To protect both sides, we signed a confidentiality agreement worth $ 1 million. After I signed it, I discovered that Paige didn't own a house in her name, she didn't have a car and her bank account was no more than $ 70,000.

I was the one who had everything to lose, because thanks to WWE, Impact, AAA, I had saved up a good amount of money. In some ways, I was happy when Paige broke that deal. It gave me the opportunity to act to defend my image, in order to avoid that I could be attacked again by her or by her family”.

Although Paige has been accused of breaching the agreement, Alberto Del Rio has no intention of 'collecting money that doesn't belong to him.' "I will not say more; I only say this because I have to protect the future of my children.

I ask Paige because I have no intention of affecting her life; thank God you have a job, you continue to support it, you continue to receive your payment month after month, keep it. I ask you to hopefully leave me in oblivion as I had left you and that you walk, go ahead, and that God bless you... Paige, I am not going to collect money that does not belong to me," El Patron added.