Backstage news on Adam Pearce's WWE status

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Backstage news on Adam Pearce's WWE status

One of the characters who has grown most of all in front of the WWE television screens in the last period, both for importance in the storylines and for the real weight that his character represents, is that of Adam Pearce, former NWA wrestler, who in the last year and a half he has managed to become one of the key points of the storylines of the McMahon-owned company.

For several months, in fact, the WWE official has managed almost in total autonomy all that is the on-screen power of the federation's leadership, going to extract the spider from the hole every time, when it is necessary to make a decision on a match or when 'a stipulation has to be changed.

In recent weeks, Pearce has mostly been seen appearing and interfering in the storylines of Roman Reigns, the Universal champion of Smackdown, with the company's official, who also took a good beating in the ring from Samoan and younger cousin Jey Uso one of the episodes of the blue show a few weeks ago.

Latest update on Adam Pearce

According to what was revealed by the well-known site Ringside News, one of the most important American sites, it would seem that the Chairman Vince McMahon, would have inserted so much on-screen space for Adam Pearce, precisely because he would love his role on the WWE television screens and above all he would be very pleased.

of his contribution to the storylines. Unlike many predecessors, Vince is said to have complimented Pearce for being one of a kind to him. According to the Chairman, in fact, although there have been dozens of General Managers and on-screen executives, both fictional and real, no one would have carried on his role as Pearce has done so far.

McMahon in fact considers the character and above all the work of his official, unique and inimitable. For these reasons we have seen Adam Pearce go and take chestnuts off the fire on both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

Apparently, some insiders are also said to have confirmed how Pearce had a few weeks ago a promotion in the role of him also in the backstage, which has not yet been confirmed by any official source. Now we need to see where WWE will go with the storyline of Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville, with Pearce's female executive counterpart, who seems to have created a strong twinning with the daughter of the Nature Boy, which will surely lead to something new and probably never seen in WWE storylines for a few years now.

Adam Pearce also revealed that his job sometimes involves getting into the ring and teaching a talent something they have never done before. "We're responsible for making sure that our specific duties for the day – be that one segment, two segments, three segments, or more – not only hit their time but provide the content we're responsible for.

Sometimes that means I need to get in the ring and teach somebody something they've never done before – those are always fun days."