Bret Hart takes a shot at Triple H

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Bret Hart takes a shot at Triple H

Once again, one of the most important WWE Hall of Famers in recent years, who became famous worldwide also for unfortunate episodes such as the Montreal Screwjob that took place in the 1997 edition of the Survivor Series, Bret Hart, has returned to speak ill of WWE and one of its protagonists today, as well as past.

In his latest interview, the older brother of the late Owen Hart, who tragically died in the rings of the then WWF in a spectacular entry, but went in the worst way, has returned to spit poison on Triple H, after years of without a real relationship between the two, neither of friendship nor of work.

In his latest speech to the microphones of The 81 Podcast, the champion of the Canadian family par excellence, which has been inserting big pieces in the world of pro-wrestling for generations, wanted to return to throw a jab at the snack partner of Shawn Michaels who became the protagonist together with Vince, of that famous Screwjob.

Bret Hart on Triple H

"There are always guys, you know, that no matter what you make them do, they will always have a place up there, for no reason. I don't think Triple H ever had an idea, an original idea, for nothing.

And I always thought he was overrated. The only reason people know who he is or remember him is because of his daddy-in-law. When I went up against The Rock, they wanted me to beat him. Triple H was one of them. He wanted me to beat Dwayne, thereby winning the Intercontinental title.

I refused. 'What do I do with the Intercontinental title now?' I remember how Triple H was mad at Dwayne about something, so he wanted to ruin it. He literally hated him," said Bret Hart. Despite being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, relations between Bret Hart as well as those of the Canadian's entire family and the McMahons have always remained quite cold, with several hits arriving as precise as a Swiss clock, by the Sharpshooter master, towards his former employers.

Hart explained how Triple H wanted him to defeat The Rock for the Intercontinental Championship. Hart, however, did not want to defeat The Rock, as he saw no advantage for either man in the decision. Hart said: "I wrestled The Rock and they wanted me to beat him.

Triple H did. He wanted me to beat Dwayne and win the Intercontinental Title. I refused. ‘What do I need the Intercontinental Title for?’ I remember Triple H was sick about it because he had a thing for Dwayne and wanted to ruin him. He hated him."