Randy Orton shares his thoughts on Riddle

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Randy Orton shares his thoughts on Riddle

In the last two episodes of Monday Night Raw, WWE has launched a rather surprising Tag Team duo, RKBRO, a duo made up of a wrestling legend like Randy Orton and an emerging youngster like Matt Riddle. Last week the former NXT asked to partner with The Viper, but the answer was no.

Over the course of the show the two faced off against each other, and Riddle took the win. After that, the Legend Killer accepted the offer and this week teamed up with Riddle, RKBRO won a Tag Team Match against Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander.

Randy Orton on his relationship with Riddle

Speaking on the microphones of the Kurt Angle Show, former 14-time WWE Champion Randy Orton spoke thus about his new Tag Team partner Matt Riddle. Here are his words: "Matt Riddle? I think he's going to do great, I think he's already overshadowed all the other wrestlers from NXT and I think he's doing really well.

I remember the first time I met him, we were in Miami and there was the entire NXT locker room, I remember that they were part of the backstage and especially at the beginning I didn't like him at all. The first time we met, I expected him to stop to get to know me better and maybe he wanted to break the ice, instead, we met and he continued to move forward without problems.

For some time I didn't like Riddle and that was the main reason, it wasn't an accident but I perceived it as a lack of respect. Now things have changed and I must say that I really like this guy." To be one of the latest arrivals it must be said that Matt Riddle is no stranger to disputes and clashes with wrestling legends: in the first months in the company, his backstage phrases made a lot of noise against legends of the caliber of Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg.

At first, even Randy Orton didn't like Riddle but now the two are a couple like RKBro. Randy Orton was excited to be in the company of the up-and-coming talent from NXT. He even attempted to break the ice with Matt Riddle.

Orton stated that he walked up to Riddle and acknowledged him with playful interaction. Much to Orton's surprise, Riddle - with bloodshot eyes - nodded his head and kept walking without giving a verbal response. Randy Orton's initial reaction wasn't too pleasant. The veteran took Riddle's gesture as an apparent lack of respect.