Randy Orton recalls his feud with Rey Mysterio

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Randy Orton recalls his feud with Rey Mysterio

When we talk about Randy Orton we are talking about one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history, among the best of the third millennium and among the athletes with the most WWE champion titles. Randy has managed to establish himself as a great Heel and throughout his history as a heel, there have been several segments that have led him to be hated by the WWE Universe.

One of the most remembered is certainly what happened in 2006: The Viper was involved in a feud against Rey Mysterio with the two who had to compete at No Way Out 2006, but this feud took place shortly after the sad death of a wrestling legend like Eddie Guerrero.

In the course of this feud, Randy Orton repeatedly mentioned the deceased Eddie and this choice aroused several criticisms among the fans of the WWE Universe.

Randy Orton on his feud with Rey Mysterio

During a recent episode of the Kurt Angle Show, posted on AdFreeShows.com, Randy Orton confided that he is not comfortable with that storyline.

Eddie Guerrero had recently passed away and many did not expect his death to be involved in a particular Angle of the company where he worked. Here are his words: "I wasn't 100% comfortable I have to say, I remember Rey Mysterio telling me it was something even Eddie would have liked but nevertheless I remember Rey and I went to ask Vickie Guerrero and she agreed.

She said the same thing about Rey Mysterio. She said Eddie wished that his death could somehow help the company do business, that thing had to make a fuss and arouse hatred and in the end, it was definitely a situation that worked.

I have to say that even though it was a horrible tragedy that storyline has helped me throughout my career. It's something that has made me uncomfortable for a long time and is something I often remember throughout my career.

People used to blame him years later and I can say that he helped me grow as an athlete and as a man." The questionable booking might have helped the story, but Randy Orton still feels uneasy about the angle to this day.

"Especially with Rey being involved, so although it was a horrible tragedy and we all lost our friend, it was kind of something that helped me along the way in my career, and a lot of people, you know, as a bad guy talking about that.

That was heat, and it worked, you know, it kind of helped with the angle between Rey and me. But looking back, it will always be something that was a little, you know, there are a lot of things that I've done in my career that have made me uncomfortable.

I think we can all agree on that, right? Individually, but that, in particular, was something that I'd put at the top of the list," Orton added.