Chelsea Green wanted to become Dominik's girlfriend

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Chelsea Green wanted to become Dominik's girlfriend

On April 15th, as you all know, WWE once again went to cut several of its employees off the federation roster, releasing them after months of missing appearances on the most important TV screens on the main roster. After trying in vain to bring these characters back on-screen, with the most bizarre ideas that in the end were all rejected by the WWE management, the McMahons did not think twice and fired all these now unused athletes.

Among the many purged, was also included the girlfriend of Matt Cardona, the former Zack Ryder of the WWE, Chelsea Green, whose misfortune had been really great, since the girl had gone to injure herself on her debut at Smackdown, with which he could finally succeed in the WWE main roster.

Cultaholic’s Straight to Hell recently spoke to Green where she revealed a slew of creative ideas including a S*xy Nun and a fake Australian. Becoming Dominik Mysterio’s girlfriend was also on the table.

Chelsea Green had a lot of interesting ideas

In the microphones of his latest interview with Cultaholic’s Straight to Hell, Chelsea Green said that he had reported several creative ideas to the WWE team, but those ideas would have all been rejected in the end.

Speaking of his vain attempts to return to the scene, Chelsea said: "Oh my god, I've had so many. I thought about doing a character like Daisy Duck, or even the s*xy nun with a character to play alongside the Messiah (Seth Rollins).

I could have easily become one of the Messiah's disciples, a worshiper of him. I also brought up the idea of ​​being Dominik's girlfriend. I had really many proposals. One of my favorites was that of TRIIconics. The idea was to get in between them, even doing the fake Australian accent, trying to make them split, but in the end, then they seemed to realize that the crazy one of the trio, had to have been me."

Apparently, none of these ideas seemed to have convinced the top executives of WWE, who instead preferred to fire her, after months and months of forced leave due to her latest injury and also due to the initial lack of ideas of the creative team.

April 15, 2021, exactly one year after WWE released numerous names at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, saw the company let go of more wrestlers. Chelsea Green was joined by Mickie James and former IIconics duo Peyton Royce and Billie Kay from the women's division in departing WWE.

In terms of male performers, the list includes Wesley Blake, Tucker, Kalisto, Bo Dallas, Mojo Rawley and Samoa Joe. Now Chelsea Green can try out some of those ideas elsewhere. She also copyrighted H*t Mess, so she could always go back to that insane character.

We’ll have to see what’s next for her, but we’re definitely not going to see her as a S*xy Nun on SmackDown.