Randy Orton reveals his passion for Goldberg

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Randy Orton reveals his passion for Goldberg

Over the years, in WWE we have seen the most disparate challenges, with many of the current young talents, who have even managed to go and fight with their childhood heroes. Many of the talents of the "new guard", were already following pro-wrestling when the various Undertakers, Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg and many other legends of the rings fought in their youth, with the age difference that was not a problem and allowed these talents to compete in the McMahon-owned rings, despite the great difference in years.

Indeed, there is someone who in his youth is said to have tattooed his arm, dedicating it to Bill Goldberg. We are talking about Randy Orton, who also went against a prohibition of his mother, in order to undergo the permanent arm coloring session, dedicated to Da Man.

Recently interviewed by colleague and friend Kurt Angle, on his Kurt Angle Show, Randy Orton wanted to talk about his old tattoo on his left arm,

Randy Orton talks about Goldberg

He said, "So it was 1998. I was a huge Goldberg fan.

I was just meeting up with all my friends and they would follow his unbeaten streak that kept going on, right? So, I turned 18 and I wanted a tattoo. My mother said I couldn't get any tattoos. And, umm, you can easily figure out what happened next.

So, just turned 18 and being a huge Goldberg fan, I go to the tattoo shop and tell the guy in the shop 'I want this tattoo and this photo is from the magazine' A shit about Goldberg's tribal tattoo. So, let me see.

I don't have it, I don't have it. But if you wait a minute, I have something a little more symmetrical that looks like a tribal tattoo here and what was the initial idea has instead morphed into an actual duplicate of Goldberg's tattoo.

And the guy from the tattoo shop said to me, 'Oh, you don't want to get the same tattoo as another guy's tattoo on your arm.' And looking back now, 'Thank you, tattoo artist', holy shit." In the end, Randy Orton did get a tattoo that resembled Goldberg's tribal ink.

It was different enough to prevent pro wrestling fans from raising any comparisons. Randy Orton has had an incredible journey as he went from almost getting a Goldberg tattoo at 18 to sharing the WWE ring with the star he idolized.