Daniel Bryan on his detachment from wrestling

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Daniel Bryan on his detachment from wrestling

Daniel Bryan was recently the protagonist at Wrestlemania 37 where he took part (as defeated) in the Triple Threat Match of Wrestlemania 37 against Edge and the champion, who remained so, Roman Reigns. The meeting, the Main Event of the challenge, was really of a great level but, a few days later, the words of Daniel Bryan made a sensation that he said he felt detached from that match and in general from all Wrestlemania 37.

Daniel Bryan's contract expires in September but the latest events at Friday Night Smackdown suggest sensational twists: in the last episode of the blue show Roman Reigns challenged Daniel Bryan and this week the two will face each other in a match valid for the WWE Universal Championship.

In case of defeat, however, the most loved Yes Man from the WWE Universe will have to leave SmackDown permanently.

Daniel Bryan is one of the most popular wrestlers of the last ten years

In a recent interview on My Mom's Basement, Daniel Bryan discussed this alleged separation from WWE with colleague Robbie Fox.

"It was momentary but very profound. After that day I have now tried to sit down and try to understand what it meant to me. What is my relationship with wrestling now, these are things that I have discussed with my wife and all my friends.

So many of my colleagues understand this feeling even if they have never experienced it, it was really so weird because I usually love to fight and take part in wrestling. I really felt like there was nothing more to accomplish and therefore I found myself without goals.

Now I think wrestling overlaps with something I love to do even more, which is spending time with my family and children," he said. Thus, there is a lot of curiosity to understand what will happen to SmackDown and what will be the future moves in the company of Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan will leave SmackDown if he fails to beat Roman Reigns on Friday. As such, many fans are wondering what could be next for the Leader of the Yes Movement. The most plausible solution would be to move him to RAW. His last appearance for the red brand was back in 2019, so fans would welcome a return.

That being said, Bryan would prefer to defeat Reigns and become the new Universal Champion. What do you think will be the result of SmackDown's Universal Championship match?