Jeff Jarrett speaks about his storyline with Kurt Angle's ex-wife

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Jeff Jarrett speaks about his storyline with Kurt Angle's ex-wife

On April 8, at WrestleMania 34, Kurt Angle teamed up with Ronda Rousey (making her WWE debut), defeating Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. On April 27, at Greatest Royal Rumble, he participated in the 50-man Royal Rumble match, entering with number 16 and being eliminated by Elias.

In the episode of Raw on August 20, he was temporarily suspended from the position of General Manager by Stephanie McMahon and replaced by Baron Corbin. Angle came back as a surprise on the following October 8, under the guise of El Conquistador, winning a Battle Royal and lastly eliminating Corbin, thus qualifying for the WWE World Cup.

On November 2 at Crown Jewel, he took part in WWE World Cup but was eliminated in the quarter-finals by Dolph Ziggler (also a representative of the Raw roster). On November 5, he returned to battle on Raw after twelve years, losing by submission to Drew McIntyre (in a match in which if Angle had won he would have become the captain of Team Raw at the Survivor Series).

Angle returned on December 16 to TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs where he attacked, along with Bobby Roode, Chad Gable, Finn Bálor and Apollo Crews, the interim General Manager of Raw Baron Corbin during his match against the injured Braun Strowman favoring the latter's victory and guaranteeing him the match for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble and ending the position of Baron Corbin as interim General Manager of Raw, in a match refereed by Heath Slater (who rebelled against Corbin and the 'attacked along with the others).

In the episode of Raw on December 17, Angle, Bobby Roode, Chad Gable and Apollo Crews defeated Baron Corbin in a 4-on-1 Handicap match in a match refereed by Heath Slater and in which if Corbin had won he would have become the General Manager in time.

full of Raw Roster. Jeff Jarrett has spoken about his relationship with Kurt Angle and being involved in a storyline with Kurt Angle's ex-wife Karen, whom he would go on to marry.

Jeff Jarrett reflects on Kurt Angle

"In my world, that’s family," said Jeff Jarrett.

"It’s personal. It goes without saying, in 2010, I spent more time in the ring with Kurt Angle, he has spent Halloweens here at my house. He has five kids, that’s hard to imagine. I’ve got three biological, he’s got five biological."

Jarrett continued: "It’s family. Obviously, we all have our ups and downs, our ins and outs. But heck, I have that with my buddy at the gym who is always late and it aggravates the hell out of me. So it is what it is… (On whether or not he saw the storyline coming) No, the short answer is no. But it did, and it transpired. Look, that was a unique time behind the scenes," Jarrett said.