WWE wants to work with MLW

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WWE wants to work with MLW

Over the years, the WWE of the McMahon family has collaborated with the most disparate characters and with multiple pro-wrestling companies, with some wrestlers of the Stamford-based federation who have gone to train or even fight in the rings of these independent companies, to grow professionally.

In the last 30 years, WWE has in fact used several major American companies, such as OVW, FCW or EVOLVE, to grow its talents in a development sector, as NXT had been in the first years, which gave the native to today's legends, such as Brock Lesnar, Batista or John Cena.

Even the various Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Austin Theory and many other faces that today we see every day in the rings of the main roster or at NXT, have passed through this almost mandatory path for the new generation of WWE.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed details of WWE's talks with Major League Wrestling (MLW). In the last few hours, a new rumor, even quite concrete, would have emerged that would see WWE want to close a new agreement to create a partnership with MLW, or the Major League Wrestling, an independent North American company, founded in 2002 by Court Bauer, after the closure of WWE's rival companies: ECW and WCW.

WWE wants to work with MLW

In the roster of the company, which at the moment also sees the participation of former WWE Low Ki and Lio Rush, over the years famous talents such as Terry Funk, Vampire and Sabu have also flocked.

As reported in the last Newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, in which the well-known and famous Dave Meltzer works, it was in fact reported in the last hours: "I am in talks with MLW, just to have an agreement like they had with EVOLVE or up to a certain point like with the ECW agreement of the 90s.

The idea is to send some guy from the development sector who can't work on the NXT screens, there to do something. "After having concluded or dealt with EVOLVE, directly buying the company that had also seen Matt Riddle and Austin Theory among its absolute champions, WWE would seem to want to start from an independent company like MLW to grow its nursery of emerging wrestlers.

The biggest issue WWE has faced in recent times has been the absence of NXT house shows to book its talent. While WWE might soon get back to the live event circuit, the more significant achievement in this scenario could be to alter how present-day fans view the company.

Many wrestlers see AEW as a viable alternative as Tony Khan has opened the doors to companies like AAA, IMPACT Wrestling, and NJPW.