Top analyst discusses Daniel Bryan's character

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Top analyst discusses Daniel Bryan's character

One of the most anticipated and important matches of the latest editions of Friday Night Smackdown will be staged in a few hours. The Tribal Chief of the company and Universal Champion Roman Reigns is giving his title up for grabs against Daniel Bryan while the Yes Man in case of defeat will be forced to leave Friday Night Smackdown for good.

There is a lot of curiosity to understand how WWE will treat this story: in recent weeks the two have been among the protagonists of the Triple Threat Match of Wrestlemania 37 with Reigns who pinned both Daniel Bryan and Edge together.

Subsequently, Daniel Bryan pushed Cesaro as a challenger to the title, but the Big Dog instead decided for this match with this particular stipulation. It has long been rumored that Daniel Bryan is not expected to renew his WWE contract, but at the same time, his contract expires in September.

So eventually after SmackDown if Bryan is forced to leave the blue show, we need to understand his future.

Dave Meltzer on Daniel Bryan

During the last episode of Wrestling Observer Newsletter the well-known colleague Dave Meltzer tried to clarify the future of Yes Man.

It is highly unlikely that Daniel Bryan will defeat Roman Reigns and therefore one has to understand what the future paths will be for him. Here are Meltzer's words: "The most obvious thought would be that he can go to Monday Night Raw or maybe NXT.

Thinking about it I think that Bryan at NXT would have better opportunities to play the matches he wants and above all very interesting encounters with growing young people." Meltzer instead agreed that on Raw he could still be a new face like Babyface to counter Bobby Lashley in the event of a new possible victory against Drew McIntyre.

At Wrestlemania Backlash there will be a Triple Threat Match between Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and the champion Bobby Lashley but in case of victory of the WWE Champion, it would be necessary to find new important Babyfaces to challenge the champion again.

It is highly unlikely that Daniel Bryan will defeat Roman Reigns and become Universal Champion on SmackDown, especially considering Bryan's desire to enter a part-time role soon. NXT seems to be the best option for Bryan as it would help the Black and Gold brand build viewership.

Moreover, Bryan could help out the younger stars on the roster. A case can be made for Bryan heading to RAW. After all, there is an acute shortage of credible babyfaces for WWE Champion Bobby Lashley to work with once his feud with Drew McIntyre is over.