*Spoiler* Daniel Bryan's WWE future revealed

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*Spoiler* Daniel Bryan's WWE future revealed

In tonight's Friday Night Smackdown episode, there was a match that WWE Universe fans were waiting for with much more anxiety than the rest of the card, we are obviously talking about the main event of the evening: Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan, valid for the Universal title.

In case of loss, in fact, Daniel Bryan would have had to leave Smackdown forever, in a defeat that unfortunately for the fans seemed already written, given the apparently unstoppable reign of the champion of Samoan origins.

Unfortunately, in the end, it was, with Roman Reigns who for the occasion also produced new entry music, which you can listen to below, with a video reported by the well-known Wrestling News site. In fact, Reigns had been working on his new entry music for several weeks and in the end, it just came on a special occasion like this.

The latest news on Daniel Bryan

In the contest that initially seemed to be on par or in any case the result of which did not seem so obvious, soon we arrived at a one-way match, with the Universal champion who once set his opponent in his submission finisher, succeeded in a very short time to make him give up, taking home the contest and the title.

At this point it is now official, Daniel Bryan will have to leave Smackdown. Immediately after the match, Roman Reigns continued to rage on an exhausted Daniel Bryan, with the Swiss Cesaro who immediately rushed to save his teammate, but was in turn hit by Jey Uso.

After a brief interlude between the two, the talent of Samoan origins managed to wedge Cesaro between the ropes of the ring, forcing him to watch Reigns who continued his attack with the chair against the wrestler who's now been ousted from Smackdown, and who could now appear maybe on Monday Night Raw or NXT, if not completely disappear, to stay and work only in the backstage of the federation.

After the attack remedied in the post-match by Roman Reigns, however, it is almost certain that Bryan will be out for some time, before showing up on some other ring of the company. What people are really interested in is the future of Daniel Bryan.

There have been varying reports, with some suggesting that he could move to another promotion. However, Dave Meltzer reports that Bryan could move to NXT. "There is an aspect of NXT in the sense Bryan would have a better opportunity to do the style of matches he wants with people he can have those kinds of matches with, especially on TV where he would be the most valuable commodity they have," said Dave Meltzer.